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‘Poo’, the matter passed from the bowel when going to the toilet.


Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Family-centred services

Services that are based on the service provider recognising that parents have the right to determine the priorities for their child and are the experts regarding their own families. The role of professionals is to be responsive to the family's needs and to their priorities and to provide family members with the information they need to make informed decisions.


Friends of the Brain Injured


Fellow Governance Institute of Australia


Fellow Governors Leadership Foundation

Fine grasp

A more refined grasp using thumb and finger tips.

Fine motor skills

The ability to use hands and fingers, for example, reaching for, picking up, holding and exploring objects with the hands, using a pencil or other writing tools, using scissors, managing zips, buttons and shoelaces.

Fixed cast

A plaster splint applied to a limb in a position that holds a muscle in a stretched position, lengthening the muscle and reducing deformity.

Flexible/innovative services

Flexible/innovative child care services provide flexible early childhood education and care to families living in rural and remote communities with dispersed populations, where quality child care may not be available or is not suited to local circumstances. A flexible/innovative child care service may include OSHC, LDC, OCC, mobile multi-purpose services, on-farm care, multi-sited child care, and overnight care. The weeks, hours and days that the services operate are worked out in consultation with the parents who use the services. Innovative services assist families and communities where conventional mainstream services do not meet their particular needs.


Bending of a limb, the head or the body.

Flexor Spasm

Increased tightness of the muscles that bend the body and limbs.


Free Limbs Scheme


Flinders Medical Centre

Formal assessment

Use of a published assessment tools, resulting in a written report.


Fire, Safety and Security


A term that usually refers to level of performance when carrying out everyday activities.

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