Glossary - L

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Lifestyle Assistance & Accommodation Service


Understanding and using words and the rules of grammar to build sentences.

Language Disorder

Where children do not learn language in the usual order. Their levels of understanding and expression may be very different from other children.

Learning disability

Where a person has significant problems learning new skills or information in one or more areas. This can be due to problems in the way information is received, used and/or responded to.


Lower Eyre Peninsula Accommodation for Disabled Inc.


LEPSH (formerly Lower Eyre Peninsula Self Help)


Bands of tough fibrous tissue that connect muscles to bones and limit the amount of movement in joints.

Links school

A mainstream school linked to a special school that provides additional resources to enable the mainstream school to support children with special needs.


The ability to read and write.

Literacy skills

The skills needed to learn to read and write.

Long Day Care

Long Day Care (LDC) is a centre-based form of child care service. Long Day Care services provide quality all-day or part-time care for under school age children of working families and the general community. For profit and not-for-profit organisations, local councils, community organisations and employers may run these services. Long Day Care services may also provide care for school children before and after school and during school holidays, where State and Territory Government regulations allow this. Long Day Care services must comply with applicable State and Territory regulations and licensing requirements when providing care to children.

Long description

Some extra code that is inserted into the language used to build webpages that applies a description to images used on a webpage. The descriptions are sufficiently detailed to make it possible for a person with visual impairment to understand the what the image is about and why it has been used, and thus gain the same value from it as a sighted person.

Long Sitting

Sitting on the floor with the legs out straight in front.


Lymphoedema Support Group South Australia


The gathering of lymph fluid in the tissues of the arms or legs due to the lymphatic system being injured or not working properly.

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