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Every individual is different, with their own set of strengths and challenges. It is through identifying these strengths and challenges that we can best personalise services. That’s why we offer assessments that specialise in providing diagnoses (where appropriate), an overview of one’s thinking skills and behaviours, and the best strategies to support you to achieve your goals.



Neuropsychology is a psychological science that specialises in the relationship between brain function and behaviour. Neuropsychologists use specialised tests, questionnaires, and observation, to measure a range of abilities, such as memory, attention, language, problem-solving abilities (executive functions), academic skills, and ability to cope with day-to-day changes (adaptive functioning). Through understanding an individual’s strengths and challenges, services can be tailored to assist with learning, social, academic, and vocational goals. Where appropriate, diagnoses may also be provided and/or confirmed.

Please note: Novita’s Neuropsychology service accepts referrals for kids and adults. If you wish to refer an adult or child, your own child, or yourself, please contact us.