Novita Library

The Novita Library is a unique and extensive collection of specialist resources – such as games, books, DVDs, toys and equipment - for kids, young people and adults living with disability, along with their families, carers and therapists.

Library resources

The Novita Library has a comprehensive collection of resources available for people of all ages living with disability, along with their families and carers. The Library also has an excellent range of resources that can be used by therapists to support their work with clients.

The Library collection includes:

  • therapy games
  • toys and books that can assist and encourage social skills
  • switch adapted toys
  • toys and equipment that support balance, muscle strengthening and coordination; toys that support fine and gross motor skills
  • imaginative and sensory toys
  • a wide range of books and other resources supporting literacy and language skills, as well as other important topics such as toileting
  • a range of resources for therapists to support their work with clients, including online databases and journals

The expert Novita Library staff can provide assistance and advice about all of the Library’s resources.


Resources that meet your needs

The Novita Library collection has been developed over many years by Novita’s expert staff to support kids, young people and adults living with disability. Our librarians work closely with our therapists and Novita’s clients and families to select the best books, toys, equipment and other resources to meet their needs.

For kids living with disability, the Library includes books specifically written for them about disability, books that explain what disabilities such as autism and cerebral palsy are, and books that deal with important life issues such as toileting, puberty, self-esteem, and death. There is also a selection of unique literacy packs developed by the Novita team that support literacy skills and encourage learning. And the Library includes a wide range of switch toys that can support kids and young people to acquire and develop the skills they need to operate communication and other devices.

The Novita Library is also an inclusive and welcoming space for families to visit, borrow resources, and just hang out.


Supporting kids’ play

Children learn and develop ideas through play. For children play is fun, but it is also their work. Play provides an opportunity for children to develop social skills, investigate the world around them, solve problems and think creatively, and to develop literacy skills.

The Novita Library has an excellent range of resources that support and encourage kids living with disability to play and learn.


Online access

All of the Novita Library’s resources can be viewed and reserved online, and can be collected from your local Novita therapy hub. The online catalogue is available 24 hours a day.

View the Novita Library’s online catalogue



Kids, young people and adults living with disability and receiving services and supports from Novita – along with their families and carers – can use the Library. Novita therapists and staff, as well as tertiary students on approved placements with Novita, can also borrow resources from the Library.


Borrower responsibilities

Library users have a responsibility to use the Library’s resources appropriately, respectfully, and safely. Users are responsible for the items they borrow.

Borrowers should check the age appropriateness of the resources (e.g. toys) they wish to borrow. Consideration should also be given to the safety of others, especially young siblings. The Library’s resources are appropriately labelled if they contain small parts that might pose a hazard to young children.

Borrowers have a responsibility to ensure all resources – especially toys and equipment – borrowed from the Library are used safely and under supervisions when required. Bikes and scooters borrowed from the Library must be used with the appropriate safety equipment, including helmets.

All resources borrowed from the Novita Library should be returned on time, clean and in good order, in the correct packaging, and with all pieces and instructions included. However, we understand that sometimes toys can be damaged or broken through reasonable wear and tear. If borrowers notice any damage to Library resources in their care, please report it to Library staff so the item can be repaired or replaced.

Charges may apply for lost or damaged items borrowed from the Novita Library.


Location and Opening Hours

The Novita Library is located on the ground floor of Novita’s Hindmarsh hub – 341 Port Road, Hindmarsh.

The Library is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (excluding public holidays) from 8.30am to 4.30pm.


Contact the Library

Phone:          (08) 8243 8316


Post:            341 Port Road, Hindmarsh SA 5007