Building Blocks (using LEGO®-based therapy)

Building Blocks (using LEGO®-based therapy) is a therapy group for kids and young people living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The group uses LEGO®-based play to support participants to develop important social skills like turn-taking, sharing, negotiating, problem-solving, working together and generating new ideas with others.

The session will see group participants divided into three main roles – the Engineer, the Builder and the Supplier. A small LEGO®-kit with instructions will be provided to the Engineer, who will communicate with the Supplier and the Builder as to what types of LEGO®-pieces are required, how many will be needed, and where the pieces should be placed during in the construction process. The Supplier and the Builder will ask questions to the Engineer to clarify as needed.

At the end of the group, a photo will be taken of the participants and the completed LEGO®-construction. This will be printed and given as a certificate to each participant.

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Age group:

8-12 years old


Building Blocks (using LEGO®-based therapy) is ideally suited to kids living with ASD or who have difficulty with social skills. Ideally they will be able to sit with a small group of children and enjoy constructing things out of LEGO®.


$74.90 *pricing is subject to change.


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