Cooking School

Whether you’ve got a little master chef in the kitchen, or a child who hates trying new foods – Cooking Group is for you!

Our Cooking Group is great for kids wanting to learn how to cook and to be more independent in the kitchen. We will have a go at some simple recipes which will be fun and of course delicious! This group also teaches kids to get a little more adventurous with trying new foods.

We will introduce some foods and explore the different tastes and textures.

We will talk about the importance of eating different types of food to stay healthy too.

This is a great group for confidence building, socialising and making new friends along the way.

Age group:

Group 1: Age 7 – 11 years | Group 2: Age 12 – 18 years


For kids with adequate hand skills (able to grasp and hold) who would like to learn more about cooking, about using a kitchen or just trying some new foods!


$122 per session


Phone: 1300 668 482