The Cool Kids Program

Does your kid experience anxiety or stress? Anxiety is common in kids and young people, with 10-20% of school-aged kids experiencing some form of anxiety. So what can you do help reduce your kid’s anxiety and stress?

Over 6 sessions, the ‘Cool Kids’ group teaches relaxation techniques, how to re-structure anxious thoughts, stress management skills, social skills and assertiveness training. Some of these sessions will be working directly with you, the parent /carer, equipping you with the tools needed to support your child too!

Age group:

6 - 12 years


Anxiety and stress can be a chronic struggle and often the source of a kid's anxiety changes over time, so it can feel as though you are always putting out fires. With repetition of the anxiety and stress management techniques, your kid can learn how to lower his/her anxiety level and how to cope with anxiety-provoking situations.


$59.76 per hour


Phone: 1300 668 482