Move ‘n’ Groove

Move ‘n’ Groove is a fun, Kindergym-style, inclusive group for kids to come and learn through play. This group focuses on developing your child’s gross motor skills like jumping, running and rolling, all through playing. The group is quite unstructured which allows kids to explore on their own terms.

This group is run by one of our friendly Physiotherapists with experience in paediatrics and disability. She will work with your child to help improve their balance, control of movements, coordination and strength. You will even come away with ideas to try at home too!

We hope to see you at the next Move ‘n’ Groove!

“Lucy has come along in leaps and bounds since coming to Move ‘n’ Groove Kindergym, she looks at all the other kids and learns off them as well as the therapist helps her to challenge herself, it’s fantastic.” – Adele, Lucy’s mum.

Age group:

0 - 7 years


Children with a diagnosis of a developmental delay or physical disability, whose goals are about mobility and gross motor skill development.


$74.90 *pricing is subject to change.


Phone: 1300 668 482