Novita Fitness – Aquatic

Novita Fitness Aquatic is a mix of fun individual and group exercises designed to improve your strength and movement. During the group, we’ll warm up doing exercises like cycling on noodles, swimming, walking/running, and sidestepping. From there, we’ll do some strength-based exercises, like squats, lunges, and upper body exercises using the kickboard. We’ll work on our balance standing on a wobble disc, standing on one leg, and picking up objects from the bottom of the pool. At the end of the group, everyone joins in a fun game like a relay race or game of volleyball before cooling down.

Age group:

Group 1: 10-12 years | Group 2: 13 – 17 years | Group 3: 18+


Novita Fitness Aquatic aims to improve an individual’s ability to complete gross motor tasks, such as walking up and downstairs, in addition to improving muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance and joint movement. The warmth and buoyancy of the water can allow you to work towards your movement and fitness-related goals with reduced pain and load through your joints.

Gain clear instructions and ideas to progress exercises from an experienced Physiotherapist and Allied Health Assistant, try new exercises, and have fun in a safe group environment!




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