School Readiness

Get your child ready to go back to school after the holiday break!

This is a group for kids who have started school but would benefit from a bit of support to really thrive in a school setting.

In this group we will:

  • Outline what good listening looks like and practice listening skills
  • Practice asking for help from teacher/adult
  • Practice what to do if they finish a task early
  • Discuss morning routines and make a routine chart to assist them with organisation in the mornings
  • Discuss checklists for throughout the day (like what should be in their bag)
  • Practice lining up for class and putting up their hand to answer questions
  • Practice tidying desk up after an activity and cleaning out their desk-tray
  • Discuss and practice good habits (e.g. writing homework into diary)
  • Practice getting dressed in their school uniform
  • Practice following multi-level instructions and coming up with ideas for how to manage lots of information overload


Come along and get a head start on practising school routines before school starts up again!

Age group:

Group 1: 4 - 7 years | Group 2: 8 - 12 years


This is a group for kids and young people who already attend school.


$74.90 *pricing is subject to change.


Phone: 1300 668 482