The Sound is Write

Improve spelling, reading and writing skills in a relaxed and encouraging environment!

Kids in the Sound is Write group get support from a highly-trained Occupational Therapist and a Speech Pathologist who will guide them through fun activities like authoring their own stories on an iPad.

Group 1: Early handwriting and literacy skills (age 5 – 7) 
The Sound is Write group is the perfect opportunity for younger kids to improve their recognition of letter shapes and sounds. We’ll do fun activities like making letters out of shaving cream, practising saying those letters out loud, then identifying different words which start with that letter. We’ll also practise dividing words into syllables which can make spelling them much easier.

Group 2: Advanced handwriting and literacy (age 8 – 12)
To support older kids as they progress through school, we’ll learn the difference between ‘doing words’ and ‘descriptive words’ by making-up a fun song to help us remember. These parts of speech are often confusing so it is important to know the difference early.

Through reading poems, we will discover rhyming words, look into how words relate to one another and expand our vocabulary in the process.

Older kids in the Sound is Write group will also create their own unique story – including characters, story setting and plot – to improve sentence writing and storytelling skills. By the end of the groups, kids will build-up enough confidence to read their story aloud to others.

Age group:

Group 1: Early handwriting and literacy skills (age 5 - 7) | Group 2: Advanced handwriting and literacy (age 8 - 12)


The Sound is Write is a program that includes 3 x 1-hour sessions over 3 days. We recommend for full benefits, you attend all 3.




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