The Sound is Write

This group is all about writing, reading and spelling.

Some children face some extra challenges with developing in these areas, so we give kids the opportunity to practise their skills whilst having fun and being supported.

We have group activities such as reading activities. learning hand control and writing practice. We also provide one-on-one support, as we understand each child develops at their own rate.

The Sound is Write is a program that includes 3 x 1-hour sessions over 3 days. We receommend for full benefits, you attend all 3.

This group is great for kids who have started school.

Age group:

Group 1: Early handwriting and literacy skills (age 5 - 6) | Group 2: Advanced handwriting and literacy (age 7 - 10)


Children who would like to work on their handwriting, reading and spelling.


$59.76 per hour


Phone: 1300 668 482