Transition To School

Get your kids ready and confident to start primary school!

This is a fun group, run by an Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist or Developmental Educator, aimed at getting your kids ready to make the jump to junior primary school.

In this group, children will have the chance to:

  • Practise wearing their school uniform
  • Learn about what is expected in the classroom, such as what good listening looks like, and practise listening skills
  • Discuss morning routines, make and follow a routine chart to support the understanding of what to expect through the day
  • Practise lining up for class and putting their hand up to answer questions
  • Practise asking for help from teacher/adult
  • Practise tidying their desk up after an activity

We also include fun activities to work on their hand-to-eye coordination such as team ball games, drawing and cutting.

Transition To School provides you, the parent or carer, with information, additional skills, strategies and preparation ideas to support your kids at this time so they have the best start to school possible.

Age group:

4 - 6 years old


Transition To School is for kids who will be transitioning into a mainstream primary school and are able to attend and follow basic instructions in a lively environment away from their home.


$59.76 per hour


Phone: 1300 668 482