High school aged

/High school aged

High school aged

The High School years can be both exciting and challenging for young people as their worlds expand.

Some of the issues faced may be related to new experiences, developing new friendships, sexuality, fitting in and belonging.

High School also offers new opportunities for growth and development through learning and participating and can present new challenges, such as

  • getting around a new environment
  • learning new modes of transport
  • making new friends
  • learning in a different way and with different teachers
  • perhaps wearing a uniform
  • getting on with a wider range of peers.

As a parent you might worry about whether your child has the confidence and skills to handle these events.

Supportive networks, counselling and individualised support may make a difference.

If you have any concerns about this stage of your child’s development, you can call us for advice on 1300 NOVITA (1300 668 482) or if it is after hours, request a callback.

Services we offer for high school aged young people are:

Gym Groups

Social Skills Group

Support to practice  social skill development

Individual support for social outings

Community group outings

Recreation programs

Individual support to participate in  recreation

Swim Skills

Individual support for personal care

Individual support for independent living skills

Augementative & Alternative Communication


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