I need an ASD assessment

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can affect how kids behave and interact with the world around them.

Novita offers comprehensive assessments for ASD in children, teens and young adults. We call this our ASD Diagnostic Service.

Every child is different, but these may be some of the common signs of ASD

  • exploring objects in unusual ways, such as putting objects in their mouth (beyond the age that would usually be considered acceptable) or looking at things from a strange angle
  • avoiding, or seeking out, loud noises or other sensory stimulation
  • difficulty coping with change
  • not responding to their name
  • avoiding other children and preferring to play alone
  • playing with toys in unusual ways, like lining them up or spinning them.
It is important to note that no behavior on its own suggests that a child presents with ASD. A full list of early signs is available on our ASD webpage.

What to expect

The assessments are done by Novita psychologists and speech pathologists who have completed special training to be able to determine if someone has ASD. It takes approximately three to six hours to do an assessment. During that time, we will:

  • observe your child, including in a natural and familiar setting, for example at preschool or school
  • interview you, your child, another family member or a carer
  • review any written information provided to us by a professional from your child’s childcare centre, kindergarten or school
  • review any reports or information provided to us from other professionals.

After the assessment

After the assessment, we will meet with you to talk through the findings. This appointment usually takes one hour. We will also put together a comprehensive written report, summarising the assessment process, the findings and diagnosis. We will also provide recommendations for intervention, therapy and follow-up.

If your child needs support, we offer a range of therapies and other family support services, including speech pathology, occupational therapy, psychology, physiotherapy and social work.

Thousands of Novita kids and their parents have come to think of us as part of their family. If you’d like to join them, call us on 1300 NOVITA, or email us on enquiries@novita.org.au