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Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct has been set by Novita to ensure the safety of all Mighty River Run participants, staff, volunteers and contractors as well as Novita’s clients. It has also been created to protect the reputation of the Mighty River Run and Novita and to reduce the environmental impact of the event and is viewed very seriously.

Any entrant who witnesses a breach of the Code of Conduct is asked to report the incident to a Mighty River Run official at the earliest available opportunity. The official will then report to Event Management, which will determine the appropriate course of action to be taken. As a Mighty River Run entrant you are not exempt from state laws or rules, and anyone caught breaking the law may be prosecuted.

The Rules and Regulations may be altered and amended at any time as seen fit by Novita. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action being taken by Event Management, which may include a warning or immediate exclusion from the Event and any future Events. Any decision handed down by Novita will be final with no discussion entered into.

In the interests of safety, insurance and event management, the requests and directions of all people designated by Mighty River Run to be Officials (‘Officials’) will be observed at all times.

All Mighty River Run boats must be scrutineered by the Event’s Official Mechanic prior to the commencement of the event. If a boat does not meet the compliance criteria it will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Under South Australian Law (Harbors and Navigation Act 1993), there are penalties when drugs or a blood alcohol limit of 0.05 or over are detected in the operator of a motorboat or essential members of the crew. The penalties can include large fines and/or imprisonment. The court may impose an additional penalty and suspend or cancel a certificate of competency, including a boat operator’s licence. Penalties can also apply for refusal to submit to a drug screening test or blood test.

Novita relies on the good will of the communities we visit to support this event and our ongoing work for clients. Please respect communities we visit by enjoying alcohol responsibly over the course of the event. We reserve the right to take appropriate actions should we deem behaviour inappropriate. This may result in disqualification of the individual from the event.

Participants agree to wear a designated Captain’s ID whilst on the river which will be supplied to each team. This identifies the driver of the boat who must abide by the above mentioned Harbors and Navigation Act.

Mighty River Run Officials may at any time carry out random breath tests for Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) throughout the event. All drivers agree to submit to
such tests conducted by these Officials. Where a driver is found to be over the prescribed limit the following actions may apply:

  • The official will require that the driver abstains from driving and the team will be required to use a driver that is under the legal BAC limit;
  • A first warning will be given to that individual;
  • If a second offence occurs, this may result in the disqualification of the individual and/or the entire crew from the remainder of the event.

The use of any illicit drugs will result in the person/s concerned being immediately withdrawn from the Event. Such persons may not be permitted to participate in any future Mighty River Run or Novita events.

Litter must not be thrown from any boat at any time and must be disposed of appropriately. Bins will be provided at all stops for you to dispose of waste.

Please ensure safe disposal of your cigarette butts and abide by local fire rules and regulations.

Entrants are prohibited from carrying firearms on the Mighty River Run event at all times.

High powered water pistols are not permitted to be used at any time. The throwing of water balloons, flour bombs, eggs and any other projectile or food concoction that is detrimental to the environment or deemed dangerous are also banned.

Fireworks are an environmental and safety hazard and are banned on the Mighty River Run event, with the exception of licensed fireworks displays approved and organised by Event Management.

Flares are for emergency purposes only, unless special dispensation has been obtained in writing from the Mighty River Run Event Management. Such approval must be obtained prior to the start of the Mighty River Run event.

Participants must never tamper with other boats or property on the event or any signage erected by Officials on the route.

Entrants are prohibited from bringing their own support vehicles on the Mighty River Run, unless authorised by Event Management.

At the start of each day the Captain or a representative from your team must attend the daily briefing prior to departure.

At each land destination the Captain or a representative from your team must sign in that the crew have arrived safely.

The Mighty River Run Event Management will not tolerate offensive or unruly behaviour. This includes, but not limited to, language or actions that are racist, sexist or discriminating in any way towards another participant, staff, volunteers, contractors, Novita clients, venues staff at stops and the public.

There are 10 locks along the Murray River that permit boats to move from one level to another.
When Mighty River Run boats are in locks, the following is not permitted:

  • Entering the water at any time, this is extremely dangerous and any participant found in the water in a Lock will receive a warning in the first instance. If the participant is seen in the water in a Lock again, they may be immediately withdrawn from the event;
  • The use of water balloons;
  • The use or high powered water hoses;
  • The use of any water sports equipment deemed dangerous by Officials and state water management authorities.

Participants must ensure that carer, parent or guardian consent is obtained before picking up or embracing Novita Clients.

We encourage you to share your Mighty River Run experiences on social media (#mightyriverrun) during the event however, when choosing to share your adventures through social media, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ensure all images/text and video capture the fun, safe and entertaining aspects of the Mighty River Run;
  • Please do not use any images that would have a negative impact on the Mighty River Run participants or the Novita name – ie. Comments or images that are off topic, inappropriate or offensive;
  • Do not use any images of Novita clients that we meet along the way. Mighty River Run is required to obtain a signed consent form from their parent or guardian to use these images.