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By taking part in this event, you are helping to make a difference to kids living with disability and their families. This iconic South Australian event has a rich history with support from yourself, and others like you in the community, helping to make an incredible difference to thousands of Novita families.

Where to start

  1. Set your fundraising goal:
    The first thing you need to decide with your crew is if you are going to aim for the minimum fundraising amount of $6,000, aim for a little higher, or completely smash your fundraising target! Let’s be honest, everyone wants the title of the highest fundraising crew on the run and fly the title’s flag all week!
  2. Personalise your page:
    Add a picture to your page and add a message in the ‘My Story Section’. Let everyone know why you and your crew got involved with the Mighty River Run and why Novita is a cause you want to support.
  3. Donate to yourself:
    Show your commitment and get the ball rolling by making a donation to your own online fundraising page. The higher the first donation, the higher the average amount so donate $50, $100, the sky’s the limit, to set the standard for following donations.
  4. Send an email
    Email is a great way to ask family, friends and colleagues for support as you know they will see it and read it. Send an email to your network and tell them what you are doing, why you are doing it and ask for their support to reach your goal.
  5. Post Facebook Updates:
    Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for sharing your story and asking your friends and followers for their support.
    Some useful ways to use social media are:
    • Personalise your profile picture so everyone can see who you and your crew are
    • Post weekly updates on your social media pages to share your progress, how far you are from your goal and of course, when you’ve reached it!
    • Use our hashtag #MRR2020
  6. Posters and Resources:
    We have a range of posters and resources for you to use to help you spread the word about your goal of supporting kids living with disability.

Fundraise to win

Raise $6,000 Flag for your boat
Raise $10,000 Free ice for the week
Raise $15,000 Accommodation upgrade for one night for 4 people (swags allowed in room for additional crews members)
Raise $20,000 Free fuel for the week
Raise $25,000 $500 Red Balloon Voucher for your crew
Raise $30,000 Accommodation upgraded all week for 4 people (swags allowed in room for additional crews members)
Highest Fundraiser Free captain registration in 2021 MRR

The minimum fundraising target cut-off and eligibility for fundraising incentives is 5.00pm Friday 23 October. The highest fundraising crew will be determined as at midnight Friday 6 November for the 2020 Mighty River Run and will be acknowledged during the opening dinner on Sunday 8 November for the 2020 event.

Event ideas

Holding an event is a fun way to raise funds all while raising awareness for Novita and the Mighty River Run.Here are a few ideas to spark inspiration:

  • Bingo night at your local community venue – Ask Novita how we can help you to run a bingo night, you invite your mates and Novita runs the bingo. There’s plenty of side games you can play to raise extra cash on the night too!
  • Trivia night at your local pub – Ask your local pub if they will let you use their venue for the night and get your mates to help spread the word. Get everyone to donate $10 to be part of the trivia quiz. You could also have a raffle for some bonus fundraising!
  • Morning tea/BBQ at work – Ask everyone to bring a donation for an “entry fee”. Go one further and hold a bake-off where everyone brings in their baked goods and it’s a gold coin donation to vote for the yummiest snack. The winner is whoever gets the most donations.
  • Lunch or dinner event – You can hold it at a local hall, community centre, your backyard or a restaurant. You can ask local businesses to donate goods and services for a raffle and/or auction.
  • Golf Day – Get your family, your mates, your mate’s mates and colleagues together for a day on the green for a good cause. Talk to your local golf course about charity golf day options.
  • Film night – Have a chat to your local cinema about holding a film fundraiser. You can get a percentage of ticket sales, hold a raffle and get donations on the day.

No matter if there are 20 or 200 people, an event is a great way to catch up with mates and raise money for kids living with disability. Some ways to raise money at any event include:

  • Percentage of ticket sales
  • Raffle
  • Silent or live auction
  • Event sponsors
  • Lucky squares
  • Games where you pay to play
  • Mystery wine wall
  • Donation boxes
  • Tell suppliers it’s a charity event for a discount on venue hire, food, drinks etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for a charity discount. Trust us, it works

Fundraising online

Keep your page updated

Update your picture with a picture of your crew from a previous event or social gathering so people know who they are donating too. Also include a message on why you got involved with the Mighty River Run and keep posting updates on your fundraising activities.

Utilise social media

Share your page and what you are getting up to in support of kids living with disability regularly on Facebook to let your friends and family know what you are doing and why. Also, don’t be afraid to ask people to share your page too!

Here’s a message to get you started:

"This November, I am joining the Mighty River Run flotilla on the spectacular Murray River to fundraise for Novita and support kids living with disability in South Australia. Please donate to my crew and help us reach our goal!"

Don’t forget email

Personally email your family and friends and include a link to your online fundraising page. No one is off-limits so try and send it to as many people as you can to raise even more funds! Don’t be scared to send reminder emails either as sometimes people do genuinely just forget. Remember to personalise the story and share from the heart.

Change your goal

If you reach your fundraising goal before the event, don’t stop fundraising, increase your goal!

What The Crew Had To Say

“When I heard stories of how it helped the kids, meeting many parents, hearing their stories and how much Novita helped them, it just made us want to do it again and raise even more money. We have done sausage sizzles at different markets, sold lucky squares and asked businesses for support. We have held a golf day and a quiz night, as well as selling chocolates and running a silent auction.”

- Stephen McKeown, Crew Captain of Beer Filled Ballasts, first run in 2016

Other quick tips

  • Ask your boss to dollar match what you raise. There’s no better way to double your impact and many businesses have a Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy as standard practice these days.
  • Sausage Sizzle - Bunnings BBQ dates are often booked well in advance, therefore it is advisable to contact your local Bunnings ASAP. Some Woolworths or local shopping centres also allow this.
  • Novita has Mighty River Run donation boxes that you are welcome to utilise over the course of your fundraising. These boxes can be placed at: your workplace reception or lunch room, your local supermarket, butcher, fruit n veg shop etc, your coffee shop, the pub, or at your kid’s school or child care centre. You will be surprised how quickly small change can add up!
  • Ask your kids school if they can hold a casual clothes day for you
  • Trash ‘n’ Treasure sale - that old saying, someone's trash is someone else’s treasure!
  • Take on a challenge - keep growing that beard until the run, time to start that weight loss goal, time to wax the chest? Or pledge to shave your head once the run is completed? People will pay to see you embarrass yourself!

Offline donations

There are three ways for you to bank your offline donations.

  1. Deposit the funds onto your online fundraising page
  2. Send a cheque or money order to:
    PO Box 2438
    Regency Park
    SA 5942
  3. Bank proceeds from your event or fundraising activity at any Commonwealth Bank or through your online bank account. Please ensure you reference your deposit and email us with the remittance. This will enable us to cross reference it with our finance department and importantly manually add it to your fundraising page.
    Bank Details: Commonwealth Bank
    Novita Children’s Services
    BSB: 065-000
    Account Number: 12018559
    Reference: Your crew name
    Please email remittance advice to

Any donation received through the mail or bank deposit can be added to your online fundraising page.


We strongly support awareness created by your activities relating to the 2020 Mighty River Run. However, we do ask that for all media enquiries, you liaise with Novita, or ask the media to correspond first through Novita.

For all media enquiries, or if approached by media, please notify:

Join the Mighty River Run and start raising funds for people living with disability in SA