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Your guide to Novita’s 2019/2020 pricing

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Each year from 1 July, Novita adjusts pricing rates and policies for all of our clients, in line with the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s pricing review. The new NDIS Price Guide was released on 25 June.

We are pleased to advise Novita will be charging less than the new NDIS rates and policies allow, and if you are an NDIS participant, your plan will be automatically increased to cover any price changes for the services and supports you rely on.

If you are currently paying for your services and supports out of your own pocket, Novita will maintain your rates at current levels until the end of 2019, to help you transition to the new pricing structure.


Therapy Services

From 1 July, general therapy services will cost $192.50 per hour – except for services in remote areas, where an additional loading applies in line with the NDIS Price Guide.

Physiotherapy gym services will cost $210.00, and the charge for Physiotherapists delivering hydrotherapy will be $220.00.

Psychology and Specialist Behaviour Support services will cost $225.00 per hour.

Allied Health Assistant services will cost $86.00 per hour.

Therapy Groups will cost $64.50 per hour.


Support Coordination

From 1 July, specialist coordination of supports will cost $186.00 per hour, coordination of supports will cost $98.00 per hour, and Support Connection will cost $60.00 per hour.


Day Options and Community Services

There are a wide range of services and supports available to you in your home and in the community. Novita’s rates for these services are aligned to the NDIS Price Guide.



From 1 July, therapy travel can now be funded up to 30 minutes in the metropolitan area, and up to 60 minutes in regional areas.

No travel charges will apply for services and supports delivered in Novita offices. If you want to see a specialist based in another Novita location, travel charges will be negotiated with you.

Novita will do all we can to minimise travel costs for you by efficient scheduling of our staff visits in the community. This supports our commitment to provide services and supports to as many people living with disability as possible.

For more information, see our Travel Pricing Policy.



A cancellation fee will apply for any therapy or individualised support services if you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice. There will also be a cancellation fee for Day Options and Out of School Hours Care services if you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice.

You won’t be charged for services that we cancel, and can’t substitute or reschedule.

For more information, see our Cancellation Policy.


What we bill for

To support you in achieving your outcomes and goals, our Novita staff work behind the scenes to provide you with the best possible services, in addition to your face-to-face appointments. Along with the personalised consultations with you face-to-face or on the phone, our therapists, social workers, educators, and allied health assistants support you by undertaking work such as coordinating your services, sourcing equipment, writing progress reports, and organising any referrals.

Where necessary, these services will be billed at the hourly rate as part of the service we provide, and we will be transparent about such charges. Any work we charge you for will be clearly and directly linked to the goals you are seeking to achieve.

If you have any questions about Novita’s services, pricing and policies, call our Customer Experience Team on 1300 668 482.

More information about the new NDIS Price Guide can be found on the NDIS website.