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Novitatech provides Assistive Technology (often called AT) to help people to move, play, learn and work.

Some people living with disability find challenges in everyday tasks such as cooking, moving around or using a computer. Often, these tasks can be made easier with the use of specially designed tools, devices or pieces of technology.
This can be as simple as a device fitted to a tap in a kitchen so it is easier to turn on and off, through to an eye-gaze device so people who are non-verbal can communicate.
These types of technology, tools and devices are referred to as ‘Assistive Technology’ (or AT).

Novitatech is the part of Novita that provides Assistive Technology and our staff have specialised knowledge and skills in this area. We work with kids, adults, families and carers to select, set-up and access the most appropriate AT to assist with mobility, communication, education and daily living needs

Novitatech offers a full range of services from assessment and prescription, to review, advice and information regarding all different types of AT. We are also recognised prescribers with various equipment funding schemes

It is important that the equipment fits the individual’s needs and everyone’s needs are different. This is why we hold Clinics, where you or your child can come along to be assessed and try out equipment that may be suited to your needs before purchasing it. We run Clinics for walkers, powered mobility, shower chairs and modified bikes.

We also provide training and support whilst you or your child are adjusting to and using new types of AT. This is provided at a one on one level or in a group setting, and can also be provided to other community groups such as a child’s school.

Access and Communication Technology Specialist (ACTS) Service: a specialist service that provides prescription support and training to therapists working with children and adults in the areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Environmental Control and Computer Access Technology.

Seating and Mobility: The Seating and Mobility team specialise in the assessment, design and fabrication of custom solutions for clients with complex AT needs.

Orthotics: fabrication of a broad range of orthotic devices made to meet individual needs and maximize support and function.

Procurement: Purchasing Assistive Technology on your behalf.

Novitatech’s staff can work directly with you or can work with you and your chosen service provider to find the best Assistive Technology solutions for you or your child.