Travel Pricing

Travel Policy 2018-2019


Novita’s therapists can come to you, to provide supports and services in a location most convenient in the community, such as home, school or childcare. However, there are additional costs involved in providing mobile services.

Novita’s travel policy is changing as per the NDIS Price Guide which came into effect on 1 July 2018. If you book a therapy support to be held at your choice of community location in metropolitan Adelaide, you will be charged for the therapists’ travel time, up to a maximum of 20 minutes per appointment at the same hourly rate as the service being provided.

We will charge you for the time it takes for our therapists to travel to the location you want to see us.

In some cases we may negotiate a lower charge or alternate arrangements, such as a flat rate travel charge, where we have multiple appointments in the same place such as a school or community facility.

For regional therapy services, the NDIS Price Guide stipulates up to 45 minutes of travel may be charged at the same hourly rate as the service being provided. Flat rates or travel ‘by quote’ may be able to be negotiated, depending on the regional area and the number of clients we are able to see on visits.

A maximum of 20 minutes’ travel by our support workers to provide services under Personal Care and Community Access in your NDIS plan will also be charged at the hourly rate for the support provided, where the support worker travels from one participant appointment to another. In some regional areas, up to 45 minutes of time may be claimed.

Supports delivered in Novita offices will not incur travel charges. If you want to see a specialist who is based in another Novita location travel charges will be discussed with you.

We will do all that we can to minimise travel costs to you by efficient scheduling of our staff visits in the community. This supports our commitment to provide services to as many people living with disability as possible.