Care and Self-care Together At Last

Respite. It’s a ‘home away from home’ for people living with disability, and also offers the opportunity for family members and carers to have a break. Specifically, respite involves a Novita client spending some quality time – with assistance from a support worker – in short-term accommodation.

Our independent or shared living arrangements are designed to support our clients to develop their independence and engage in a variety of activities and programs through our person-centered approach to accommodation with support from our trusted, in-house support staff.

Debra hadn’t been in respite before or taken a break from her family, so the Novita Community Living Team had a long chat with her and her family about what respite care might look like, including 24/7 support from our support workers. We also took Debra and her family on a tour of some respite accommodation. She’s now loving her short breaks and has experienced some new things like attending the Fringe Festival and catching public transport.


We’re here from the start

From the very start of your important journey into longer term accommodation, we will work closely with you to explore a range of short-term accommodation options that reflect your preference of location, closeness to family, accessibility, functionality, proximity to local services and transportation, and anything else that is important to you.

Our priority is that every client feels safe, empowered, and supported to achieve their individual lifestyle goals.


About our Respite service  

Our Respite service supports you and your primary care giver by giving you both a break for a specified period of time. You can access respite care for a few hours, a few days, or longer – depending on your needs. Respite can be accessed in your home, or out in a community setting such as a stay in an accessible apartment at U-City. 

Respite is typically planned in advance. For example, if you know your primary carer is attending an appointment going on a short trip, you can pre-plan your Respite service. Notably, Respite is also available in emergencies – if your carer has an unplanned trip to the hospital, for example. 


Take a break, with peace of mind  

Respite is when someone else takes care of the person you care for, so that you can have a break. A break can give you time to do everyday activities or just to relax, deal with stress and look after yourself. 


I’m doing fine in my carer role. Why would I access Respite?  

People come to us for Respite for a variety of reasons. For many, Respite is an opportunity to try Supported Independent Living (SIL) before making the permanent move into their own accommodation. Sometimes, Respite is an option for someone transitioning from a hospital stay following an accident, requiring additional care and support before moving home. 

For carers, looking after someone requires an incredible amount of commitment and dedication and, even if they feel fine there, there will most likely be a time where they need to take time away for appointments, a holiday, or just a short break to look after themselves. Respite provides the opportunity to do that, knowing your loved one is being cared for in a safe and supportive environment. 


A step towards living independently  

Most people who decide they need Supported Independent Living (SIL) services are looking for more independence, or because the specialised care they need has become too difficult for their family to manage at home.  

Making an application to the National Disability Instance Scheme (NDIS) to access SIL can be a long process, so in the meantime we can provide respite care for you and your family.  

Respite care can as a ‘trial home away from home’ for people living with disability, in accommodation of their own choosing with 24/7 wrap-around support, before accessing SIL or while waiting for SIL NDIS funding approval. 


Peace of mind while we care for your loved one 

While having a short stay at one of our Respite locations, carers have peace of mind that their loved one is cared for by an experienced and compassionate team. Our experienced clinicians, carers, and trusted, in-house support workers 24/7 (no agency staff) can look after all aspects of a client’s care – including clinical, social and overall wellbeing. 


The benefits of Respite are more than you might think! 

In addition to proving a meaningful, safe break for the carer and client, Respite also: 

  • Allows client to work towards lifestyle goals. For example, learn new skills, or socialise with new people 
  • Allows siblings to have a much-needed break by affording them some sibling time without any additional pressures on all family members 
  • Can allow for visitor’s that normally may not be able to visit due to complex needs of the client 

And so much more! 


Your loved one’s interest, health, and safety are our top priority 

Support staff working in the Respite house would be able to deal with any medical episode in the event of unforeseen ill health for any client under their care. We make sure all disability support workers caring for your loved one are familiar with their care plan and can support them, along with their families and carers.   

It is also of vital importance to us that your loved one experiences a variety of different activates, rather than just being ‘sent away’ for the weekend or an overnight stay. To us, Respite is not just respite for the families and carers, but an adventure for clients to see and try new things – like visiting the Central Markets for the first time or going to a new restaurant they’ve been wanting to visit.


Learn more about our Respite service

To learn more about Novita’s respite support, please contact us at [email protected] or call one of our friendly team on 1300 668 482.