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 Making contact and getting connected with people who have similar interests and concerns is often called 'networking'. Contact can be made in person, over the phone, by mail and increasingly, by using the Internet and e-mail. Novita Children's Services understands how valuable networking is for families and tries to actively support it. This page describes how Novita supports parent networking.

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How can networking help?

People have found networking helpful in the following ways:

  • Finding out ‘you're not alone’ - that there are other people out there who have been through similar, or even more challenging experiences.
  • Sharing and checking out information.
  • Learning from other people.
  • Sharing resources, for example, equipment or carers.
  • Making new, supportive friendships.
  • Preparing for the future.
  • Getting the sense of a stronger voice when asking for something.
  • The feeling of having a 'safety-net' that you can rely on when the going gets tough.

Novita values all sorts of networking - between parents, children, siblings, staff and outside agencies.

How does Novita support networking?

Novita supports networking by way of:

Community agencies that support networking

Information about the Carer Support Program and Carer Support Groups can be gained by phoning the Carer Advisory Service on FreeCall 1800 242 636.

The following community agencies provide networking opportunities:

Carers SA run carer programs in the following five regions:

  • Eyre Peninsula and the Far West - Eyre Carers
  • Upper Spencer Gulf, the Far North and Upper Mid North - Northern Country Carers
  • Upper and Lower South East - South East Carers
  • The Riverland, Murraylands and Mallee - River Murray and Mallee Carers
  • Western Metropolitan Adelaide - Western Carers 

Use the Related External Links section  at the bottom of this page for a more extensive list of networking and links to the agencies listed above.

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An organisation that provides services to a group of people in the community.


Making contact and getting connected with people who have similar interests and concerns.

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