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Cancellation Policy

This Cancellation Policy applies to all clients that receive services from Novita, including those funded by the NDIS and other funding sources.  



Principles relating to cancellations in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits are: 

  • Where a provider has a short notice cancellation (or no show) they are able to recover 100% of the fee associated with the activity. 
  • Providers must have an agreement with the participant to charge for cancellations (eg service agreement). 
  • A cancellation is a short notice cancellation (or no show) if the participant does not show up for a scheduled support within a reasonable time, or is not present at the agreed place and within a reasonable time when the provider is travelling to deliver the support; or 
  • Has given less than seven (7) clear business days’ notice for a support. 
  • There is no limit on the number of short notice cancellations (or no shows) that a provider can claim in respect of a participant. 
  • Providers have a duty of care to their participants and if a participant has an unusual number of cancellations then the provider should seek to understand why they are occurring. 


Policy Statement 

Novita will offer its’ customers an alternative service or staff member in the event that a service is cancelled due to staff leave, whenever possible. 

Customers will not be charged for a service that Novita cancels and cannot substitute or reschedule. 

Late cancellation fees are 100% of the agreed price for the cancelled service including travel.  

Late cancellation fees apply for short notice cancellation of services or when a scheduled service is not attended:  


Table 1: Late Cancellation Fee Periods 

Novita Service  Late Cancellation Periods 
Therapy  Less than 24 hours 
Community Programs such as Individualised Support, Day Options, Respite and Recreation Programs  Less than 7 days’  


Staff Leave 

Novita will provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if a service needs to be rescheduled; however, where a cancellation is needed due to staff illness as much notice as possible will be given. 

When a Novita service is cancelled due to planned or unplanned staff leave every attempt will be made to provide our customers an alternative service or worker which may include: 

  • offering the session with another clinician of the same discipline, 
  • offering the session with another member of the customer’s regular team, 
  • offering an alternative group program, or 
  • rescheduling with the staff member taking leave or a suitable substitute. 
  • Novita’s ability to substitute or reschedule cancelled visits will depend on staff availability, the suitability of alternate programs and its customers’ preferences. 


Minimising Customer Cancellations, ‘No Shows’ or Late Changes 

Novita’s service agreement with the customer includes reference to Novita’s Cancellation Policy. 

Customers are provided with Novita’s Cancellation Policy which is published on Novita’s website.  

Staff will raise any concerns about a participant’s ability to consistently attend scheduled sessions with their Manager as soon as their concerns arise.  


‘No Shows’ 

When a participant fails, without notice, to keep a scheduled service appointment, Novita will: 

  • make every effort to contact the participant to determine if there is an additional problem that prevented their attendance and/or may impact on their safety, 
  • notify the customer that non-attendance without notice or reason may lead to loss of regular session times or termination of services, and 
  • claim session fees in line with Novita’s Cancellation Policy which complies with the NDIA Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.  


Waiver of Cancellation Fees 

Novita may waive cancellation fees in certain circumstances such as illness, hospitalisation, accident or other emergency. 

Consideration will be given to the number and nature of cancelled appointments and in particular, those that were unable to be rescheduled.  

The decision to waive a cancellation fee rests with the Services Manager. 


Termination of Novita Services 

Repeated cancellation, ‘no shows’ or late changes to scheduled services by the customer may result in loss of regular session times or termination of services. 

Novita will provide notice in writing of termination of services 14 days or longer to enable the customer or the NDIA to nominate an alternative provider to deliver those support services. 

The decision to terminate a service must be authorised by the General Manager responsible for the service business unit before that decision is relayed to the customer. 


NDIS, Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits Policy Review  

This policy shall be reviewed annually, or at more frequent intervals if necessary due to legislative requirements or Price Guide changes. 



Term  Definition 
NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits  The price guide updated and published annually by the NDIS. 
Late Cancellations  Cancellations by clients that do not allow reasonable time to reschedule an alternative client appointment (as defined in Table 1). 
No shows  The client does not attend an appointment and does not inform Novita beforehand.