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Disability services in Port Lincoln

Novita’s Port Lincoln hub offers a one-stop-shop for therapy, family support, and the latest in Assistive Technology and equipment. And depending on the services you need, our Port Lincoln team can also come to you for therapy services at school and kindy, in your home, and in the community.

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Our Services

Novita’s professional and dedicated Port Lincoln staff offer a range of tailored therapy services to support kids, young people and adults living with disability to achieve their goals. The local Novita team is also supported by therapists visiting from Adelaide.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy supports people living with disability with physical and life skills such as movement, vision, sensory processing, sleep and personal care, as well as the skills needed for school and work. Novita’s Occupational Therapists can also provide advice, prescription and training for the assistive technology and equipment that can support people living with disability to lead a fulfilling life.

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Psychology supports kids, young people and adults living with disability to better cope with their emotions and the challenges of everyday life. Our psychologists support people to deal with issues such as relationships, difficulty making friends, anxiety, refusal to attend school, and learning differences.

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Orthotics support people living with physical disability with everyday skills such as walking, running, jumping, and climbing stairs. They can also assist with support for positioning and comfort. Novita’s orthotics specialists in Adelaide provide orthotics services using the latest technology and techniques.

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Physiotherapy supports people who have difficulty with their movement skills due to living with physical disability such as cerebral palsy or brain injury, intellectual disability, or developmental disability. Our Physiotherapists can tailor a range of therapies to support movement and pain management, as well as providing advice, prescription and training for mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and walking aids.

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Hydrotherapy supports movement and sensory issues, as well as helping to ease joint pain and rehabilitation after being injured or having surgery. Kids, young people and adults living with disability work in the water with our therapists on improving their strength and fitness, or on sensory challenges such as sensitivity to noise or light. Confidence in the water is an important life skill. Our Port Lincoln team delivers hydrotherapy services at the Port Lincoln Leisure Centre.

Therapy in the pool

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology and equipment can support people living with disability to achieve their goals at home, at school, in the workplace and in the community. Novita’s Port Lincoln office has access to a full range of Assistive Technology through Novitatech in Adelaide. Appointments can be made with the team in Adelaide, or via Novita’s telehealth communication system. Novita can provide assessment and prescription for Assistive Technology, as well as helping with funding applications.

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Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology supports people who have difficulty communicating as a result of living with developmental delay, brain injury, stroke, learning and intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and hearing loss. Our Speech Pathologists can support kids, young people and adults with a range of communication skills including speaking, listening, using the voice, reading, writing, stuttering, and understanding language. They can also support people who have difficulty swallowing and eating safely.

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Regional Orthotics Clinics

With so many options for Orthotics on the market, it can be challenging to know what choice is going to be right for you. Our Regional Orthotics Clinics provide a unique opportunity to be properly measured and fitted for an Orthotic that suits you best. Our next clinics in Port Lincoln are: November, 13 & 14 December 2023.

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Our Location


Novita’s Port Lincoln therapy hub on King Street offers great facilities for kids, adults and families. The facility enables us to provide high-quality services to the Port Lincoln region, with industry-standard equipment and facilities to support local people living with disability.

Service Locations

Novita’s Port Lincoln team provides services and support to the local community, as well as the Lower Eyre Peninsula and West Coast regions. The team can also come to you. Depending on the service and support required, we can offer therapy in the family home, at school, at work, and at other appropriate locations through our mobile services. We also offer telehealth facilities to connect you with our Adelaide and SA clinical, equipment and Assistive Technology experts.


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Address: 2/18 King Street
Port Lincoln SA 5606
Phone: Customer Support on 1300 668 482

How we work

Novita works using the Life Needs Model of service delivery. This is a flexible approach that focusses on community-based and specialised services that match your goals, whatever your stage of life. With you and your family at the centre of our thinking, we provide services across all areas of life, including:

  • Your home – we work in partnership with families and significant others to support skill development, as well as home modifications, technology and equipment
  • Education – working in partnership with school and kindy staff, and providing access to technology and equipment as well as training and support
  • Community – liaising with health professionals and partnering with community groups to provide linked services, education and training

Working for Novita in Port Lincoln

Our Novita therapists work within a supportive and collaborative team in a multi-disciplinary service that supports kids, young people and adults living with disability.

Through our broader work with families and communities, Novita’s life-changing services and supports have a direct impact on thousands of people living with disability in South Australia and beyond.

Working with Novita is not only rewarding, but you will also benefit from unparalleled Personal Development opportunities and professional support. Novita offers generous regional incentives and is always looking for locally-based therapists to work with the Port Lincoln team.

To find out more about working for Novita, and to view our current vacancies, visit our Careers page.