Intellectual Disability

An intellectual disability is characterised by an IQ less than 70 (average IQ is between 90-110) and significant difficulties with day-to-day living skills such as social skills, self-care, communication, academic learning and personal safety.

Intellectual disability is the most commonly recorded disability, occurring in about 3% of the population in Australia. Intellectual disability impacts on an individual’s ability to learn new things, understand concepts, solve problems, and remember or communicate new ideas and information.

Children, young people and adults with intellectual disability are likely to need extra support to learn, interact with others, achieve their potential and participate fully in community life. They are individuals with their own array of challenges, strengths, preferences, interests, likes and dislikes and like all of us have the potential to make their own unique contributions to those around them.

Novita’s multi-disciplinary team can assist children, young people and adults with intellectual disability through:

• Developmental assessments
Early childhood interventions
• Therapies such as speech, occupational, physical and psychology
• Equipment prescription
Family support services
• Individualised and group based programs
• Assistance with living skills development and community participation

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