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Services Pricing

Each year, Novita reviews and updates pricing and policies for all of our clients, in line with the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s (NDIS) pricing review.


What we bill for

We’re here to support you to achieve your outcomes and goals. Novita staff provide a face-to-face service and we also work on your behalf by undertaking the necessary actions such as coordinating services and supports, sourcing equipment or quotes, writing session notes, emails and reports and organising referrals.

The services we provide you will be billed at the hourly rate for the time taken. We will be transparent about our charges and any work will be clearly and directly linked to the goals you are seeking to achieve.


Therapy Services

Prices for all therapy services are aligned to the NDIS price guide and charged at the below hourly rate – except for services in remote areas, where an additional loading applies in line with the NDIS price guide.


Allied Health Assistant $86.79
Developmental Educator $193.99
Exercise Physiologist $166.99
Occupational Therapist $193.99
Physiotherapist $224.62
Positive Behaviour Support $234.83
Psychologist $234.83
Social Worker $193.99
Speech Pathologist $193.99


Other therapy professionals such as educators and orthotists are charged at the standard therapy rate of $193.99.

ConnectAbility services are charged at the same rate as Allied Health Assistant services at $86.79 per hour.

Therapy Groups are offered as a program of supports at $70.00 per hour.


Support Coordination

Specialist coordination of supports cost $190.54 per hour and coordination of supports cost $100.14 per hour– except for services in remote areas, where an additional loading applies in line with the NDIS price guide.


Community Services

There are a wide range of services and supports available to you in your home and in the community. The prices below apply for customers with ‘standard needs’. Novita will develop an individualised quote to provide the services that you want based on your support needs. Novita’s rates for support worker services are aligned to the NDIS price guide, including the Temporary Transition Payment (TTP), where applicable, for attendant care supports.


Individualised Support

Pricing for supports to assist you in your home with daily living and self-care or to support you to get out and about in the community per hour are:

Monday – Friday (day) $64.04
Monday – Friday (evening) $70.56
Saturday $90.14
Sunday $116.24
Public Holidays $142.35



Day Options and Recreation Programs

The price for these centre based group programs depends on the ratio of support you need to safely participate in the program you want. Prices for these supports for people with standard needs provided on weekdays per hour are:

1:1 support $66.32
1:2 support $38.14
1:3 support $28.75


Hourly rates for people with more complex support needs or supports provided at other times of the day, on weekends or public holidays are as per the rates published in the NDIS price guide. We will provide you with an individualised quote for Day Options and Recreation Programs.


Transition to Work

Participants with School Leaver Employment Supports funding in their NDIS plan are able to purchase a place in Novita’s Transition to Work program. Our program is offered 3 days a week to support you to reach your employment goals.



Novita’s therapists and support workers can come to you, to provide supports and services in a location most convenient in the community, such as home, school, or childcare. However, there are additional costs involved in providing mobile services.

If you book a support to be held at your choice of community location in metropolitan Adelaide, you will be charged for the therapist’s or support worker’s travel time, up to a maximum of 30 minutes per appointment, each way at the same hourly rate as the service being provided.

For regional services, up to 60 minutes of travel, each way may be charged at the same hourly rate as the service being provided. Flat rates or travel ‘by quote’ may be able to be negotiated, depending on circumstances.

Where your support worker travels from one participant appointment to another, travel charges will be equally shared between participants.

Where a therapist travels from one Novita location to another Novita location to deliver your service, travel will be charged.

Where possible, Novita will minimise travel costs for you by efficient scheduling of our staff visits in the community.


 Activity-Based Transport

When our support workers transport you to community activities the following charges will apply, in addition to your support worker’s time, at a maximum of:

  • $1.00 per kilometre for a vehicle that is not modified for accessibility;
  • $1.00 per kilometre for a vehicle that is modified for accessibility and shared with other participants;
  • $2.85 per kilometre for a vehicle that is modified for accessibility; and
  • other associated costs such as parking or public transport fares.



A cancellation fee will apply for any therapy services if you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice.
A cancellation fee will apply for Community Programs such as Individualised Support, Day Options and Recreation Programs if you cancel with less than 7 days’ notice.
You won’t be charged for services that we cancel, and services we can substitute or reschedule.

For more information, see our Cancellation Policy.


Get in touch

If you have any questions about Novita’s services, pricing and policies, please call our Customer Experience Team on 1300 668 482 or email

More information about the new NDIS price guide can be found on the NDIS website.