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Transition to Work

Transition to Work


Your new career is just one step away.

Register your interest in our Transition to Work program, designed specifically for people living with disability.

We want to hear from you if you have an employment goal and we will work with you to tailor the supports you want to help you achieve your goals. Novita is a registered NDIS provider of School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) but you don’t need to have this funding to access our Transition to Work program.

What does the course cover?

The Transition to Work program offers both theory and practical components.

Knowledge and theory

This will not be anything like school – think small groups, lots of fun and discussion, work at your own pace and in your own way. Some of the Modules on offer:

Why work? What’s in it for me? Customer service
What are my strengths & weaknesses? Working with others
Using public transport Managing work/life balance
Time management Preparing simple meals to take to work
Money handling What to wear to work
Taking instructions What to do the night before work
Knowing my circle of supports Managing employer’s expectations
Developing workplace behaviours …and more!
Developing workplace relationships


Practical skills and real experience

Practical components are offered in a supportive environment a at Novita. Skills training and work experience could include our Star Café, Library, Administration, Building & Garden Maintenance.


How long is the program?

The total length of the course is up to two years. Call us on 1300 668 482 to have a chat about your options.

Contact hours vary between 9am – 3pm, Monday – Friday.


Why should you choose us?

  1. Our programs are developed by people with an understanding of disability
  2. Our program will be tailored to your individual needs
  3. You will be supported by our qualified staff
  4. We are flexible and work with you to accommodate your individual needs
  5. Our small group training approach means you can work at your own pace


Do you need any prior experience/qualifications?

No prior experience or qualifications necessary


Who should apply?

If you are a young person or adult with an employment goal and want to:

  • Gain key work ready knowledge and skills
  • Get some hands-on experience

…then this program is for you!


What are the prerequisites?

It would benefit your learning if you have basic numeracy and literacy skills and are willing to follow instructions. If you are unsure about this, call us for a chat on 1300 668 482.


Funding options

This program can be funded yourself, through NDIS funding including SLES packages.

How to enrol

For more information on our Transition to Work Program and to enroll, please call us on 1300 668 482 or contact us