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Novita is committed to providing the best possible therapy services, support, and assistive technology to our Novita kids and their families. We undertake research to ensure the services we provide are of a high quality, effective and deliver what our kids and their families require. We also work with academic and industry partners to attract and train the next generation of experts in child development, rehabilitation and disability.

Getting Into The Game


Studies show that for kids living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), regular exercise has many benefits. We’re conducting research using a new assessment tool to better understand and identify the movement skills required to support their participation in physical activity and sport.

We need kids aged 6-17 years old living with ASD to visit our office in Regency Park or St Marys for 2 sessions to take part in running, jumping, weaving and fun ball games for up to 60 minutes.

Your participation will help support other kids living with ASD to receive the required support services to be included in school and community sports activities.

Get Involved

Your participation could support more children and young people with ASD to be more involved in physical activity. This could also potentially support them to benefit from the many health and wellbeing benefits of an active lifestyle.


Activity Boost Challenge Research Summary

Impact of the WalkAide device plus physiotherapy on walking and physical activity in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy

This project will investigate the impact of a physiotherapy+WalkAide® intervention for children aged 6­-17 years old with hemiplegic cerebral palsy (CP). We will learn whether this type of therapy can improve skills like running, jumping and balance, and whether it can help children become more active.  We know how the WalkAide works and that it is safe for children to use. We also know that it doesn’t work for all young people with CP. We don’t know if having physiotherapy when using the WalkAide will be any better than physiotherapy alone. This project will help us to find out!

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For more detailed information about the Boost Challenge research including potential outcomes and implications, click here.