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Novita is committed to providing the best possible therapy services, support, and assistive technology to our Novita kids and their families. We undertake research to ensure the services we provide are of a high quality, effective and deliver what our kids and their families require. We also work with academic and industry partners to attract and train the next generation of experts in child development, rehabilitation and disability.

Activity Boost Challenge Research Summary

Impact of the WalkAide device plus physiotherapy on walking and physical activity in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy

This project will investigate the impact of a physiotherapy+WalkAide® intervention for children aged 6­-17 years old with hemiplegic cerebral palsy (CP). We will learn whether this type of therapy can improve skills like running, jumping and balance, and whether it can help children become more active.  We know how the WalkAide works and that it is safe for children to use. We also know that it doesn’t work for all young people with CP. We don’t know if having physiotherapy when using the WalkAide will be any better than physiotherapy alone. This project will help us to find out!

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Physical Disability Regular Review

Active review and monitoring programs delivered early and regularly provide an opportunity for better outcomes for this group through the provision of appropriate and timely interventions now and into the future

This project seeks to explore the views of Novita’s families and clinicians to determine what they believe to be the best way to implement regular reviews or monitoring for children and adolescents with a physical disability. The research will focus on supports and strategies required for regular reviews to be embedded in everyday practice at Novita, including how this can happen within a fee for service environment driven by family choice.

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Determining the inter and intra-rater reliability of the Novita Switch Access Solutions Assessment

The Novita Switch Access Solutions Assessment was developed at Novita Children’s Services (Novita) by OTs with assistive technology expertise to address the current lack of standardised, valid and reliable evaluation and outcome measures for use of switch access technologies

This study aims to determine the interrater reliability and the clinical utility of the NSASA. It also aims to develop a training package that can be used for future sharing of the NSASA with clinicians internationally.

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Upper Limb Casting for Children with Hypertonia

This study aims provide a clearer picture of how Novita services align with the latest available evidence while highlighting possible inconsistencies in the provision of Upper Limb (UL) casting as an intervention across services sites and client groups. Identification of knowledge gaps and any training requirements would ensure UL casting intervention is provided in a consistent manner to clients across the organisation.

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