A-Z Services

List of all services provided by Novita

AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

AAC is for anyone whose communication does not meet all of their functional communication needs in all environments.

ACTSS- Access and Communication Technology Specialist

Located at Regency Park Centre, ACTSS provides training, specialist consultation and prescription of specialized assistive technology such as eye gaze technology, switches, computer access technology, environmental control systems and speech generating devices for clients who are eligible for the DCSI Equipment Program.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy (sometimes known as hydrotherapy) provides goal directed opportunities for toddlers, children and young people to improve their movement skills, manage their sensory behaviours, and develop swimming and water safety skills. Aquatic Therapy is not the same as swimming lessons but can be a transition to swimming lessons. You can refer to ConnectAbility for assistance to access community based swimming).

Acquired Brain Injury Program(ABI)

A specialist program for children and young people with an acquired brain injury (ABI). An ABI is a brain injury that occurs after birth as a result of a medical event (eg: brain tumour) or from trauma (eg: motor vehicle accident).

Acquired Disability Program

A specialist program for children and young people with an acquired disability. An acquired disability is one that is acquired as the result of an injury (eg: spinal cord injury) or illness (eg: amputation due to meningococcal disease).

ASD Diagnostic Service (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Provides comprehensive assessments for diagnosis of ASD in children, adolescents and young adults. The assessments are provided by psychologists and speech pathologists who have undertaken specialised training to determine if a child has ASD. The diagnostic assessment process takes approximately three to six hours.

Assistive Technology Service-Technical

Includes Mobility and Seating, Orthotics and Test Lab.

Assistive Technology Service (ATS) -Therapy

Responsible for helping children and families to access special equipment and technology systems to help them move, play, communicate, learn and develop their potential every day. Specialist clinics provide opportunities to try different walkers, powered mobility devices, modified bikes and shower chairs are.

Bike Clinic

Specialist clinics provide opportunities to try different modified bikes


Provides a specialised, supportive and practical ‘linkup’ service between children living with disability and community recreation groups including sporting and arts groups, helping to break down barriers and open doors to a range of new recreation possibilities.

COPE (Community Options Parent Engagement)

Offers supported playgroups, parent information sessions and a home visiting program supported by a mobile toy and resource lending service.
The aim of the COPE program is to improve children’s development and to support parents. To be eligible for these programs customers must live in the local area of Salisbury and Parafield Gardens. The weekly supported playgroups run in partnership with Bagster Road Community Centre in Salisbury North, Parafield Gardens Children’s Centre and Lake Windemere Children’s Centre.

Day Options

Provides learning and recreational activities for adults living with a disability. Program operates 48 weeks of the year. Operates at 4 sites (Regency Park Centre, O’Halloran Hill, Whyalla -2 sites)

Early Childhood Intervention

Therapists and educators spend time with a family to understand what their typical days and routines are and what currently works well and doesn’t work well for them. One Novita person may be predominantly involved with the child and family to assist the child to reach their potential by providing skill development opportunities within their usual routines and environments. This approach is considered best practice within early childhood intervention (0-8 years).


Support children, their families and education staff with transition to early childhood education centres, kindergartens and schools and with inclusion, learning and development. Support to develop skills for education environments can also occur in the home.


Are available across the organisation and are not restricted to particular sites. Assessment prior to joining the group is required for new to Novita clients and for some current Novita clients to determine suitability and if the group is the best option. All queries about groups should be directed to the Group Coordinator for that group,


The Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Social Services. HIPPY is a two year home based early learning and parenting program for families with young children to assist parents and carers to be their child’s first teacher.
Parents and carers are supported and taught by other parents. Home tutors schedule weekly or fortnightly visits with parents usually in their own home to practice the activities.

Families living in or adjacent to the South Australian suburbs of Mansfield Park, Davoren Park or Salisbury North with children who are likely to commence school within the next 2 years.
Children aged 3 ½ to 4 ½ at the beginning of the year before they start school are eligible to enrol in the program.
Younger children can be placed on a waiting list.

Home Modifications

ATS therapists can plan for home modifications to increase access and independence at home.

Individualised Support

Individualised Support operates up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week in supporting people with disability. Clients can access the quantum of service that meets their individual need and personal budget.
Each service is delivered according to individual goals and desired outcomes Typical supports include, but are not limited to:
• Domestic support
• Respite
• Personal care


Located at Regency Park, the Library provides specialised resources to Novita clients and Novita staff. Features specially selected toys/games that encourage play for children with disabilities.

Mobility and Seating

The team fabricate custom seating and accessories for wheelchairs, walking frames, standing frames, beds and posture chairs. They supply Safe Surround beds and some mounting systems. They can provide customised technical solutions to suit people’s individual needs

Night Time Positioning Equipment

ATS therapists can recommend and assist in arranging trial of equipment to determine the best positioning equipment to use at night to help to achieve optimal comfort and positioning for sleep for people with physical disabilities.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Support children and young people to develop their everyday living skills, such as play skills, independence with personal care and community participation. OT’s can help with sensory issues and suggest strategies to help children and their families cope with regulation and over stimulation.

OT’s can recommend and prescribe equipment and technology to assist with daily activities at home and in the community.

Training and Consulting Service

Novita offers an exciting range of professional development opportunities
Our training workshops are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills they seek to confidently support the inclusion of children, teens and people living with disability to do the things they wish to do.
Novita offers workshops on a wide range of topics and we are more than happy to work with you to design a workshop to meet your specific requirements. In order to enhance learning outcomes we also offer a mentoring and coaching service for individuals or small groups.

Topics on offer include:
• Understanding sensory processing
• Exploring behaviour, interactions and reactions
• Understanding Cerebral Palsy
• Oral Eating and Drinking Care
• Transfer and Positioning

Novita will also develop customised training products to meet the needs of the customer – quoted price
Requests for consultative services will be considered and individual quotes will be provided.


An orthotic is a device that can help improve the way that someone walks and moves. It can provide support and comfort. Orthotics are made for the foot, ankle and/or knee as well as other body parts.
An initial assessment with an Orthotist is required to work out exactly what is needed. The process after that typically involves taking a cast, making the orthotic and fitting the orthotic. A review appointment occurs 6 weeks later.

OSHC (Out of School Hours Care)

Available at Novita Regency Park, Hamilton Secondary College, Adelaide West Special Education Campus.

Multidisciplinary Physical Management Clinics

Rehabilitation Specialists and expert therapists from Novita’s Physical Rehabilitation Program, these clinics are available to children who have a need for surveillance (monitoring and managing) of their physical disability.

These Clinics provide a one-stop shop for all physical management needs, timely and quality surveillance and a seamless referral pathway for other interventions The clinic is attended by
• Novita Physiotherapist
• Novita Occupational Therapist
• WCH Rehabilitation Paediatrician

A written report with summary outlining planned actions will be provided following the clinic.

The cost for the appointment will be $175.57


Assessment and intervention to address:
• Gross motor skills – range from floor mobility to high level motor skills (eg balance)
• Mobility skills
• Musculo-skeletal issues – posture, pain and limited movement
• Fitness and physical activity
• Transfer and positioning - advice and training for parents, schools and respite – TAPS training
• Assistive technology
• Positioning equipment eg standing frames
• Mobility equipment eg walkers
• Transfer equipment
• Wheelchairs and seating
• Powered mobility

PODD (Pragmatic Organised Dynamic Display)

PODD is a way of organising whole word and symbol vocabulary in a communication book or speech generating device to provide immersion and modelling for learning. PODDs can have different formats, depending on the individual physical, sensory and communication needs of the person who will use it. Novita can manufacture PODDs and offer workshops about how to use them.

Powered Mobility Clinic

Specialist clinics offering opportunities to try different powered mobility devices. Powered wheelchair assessment, community based trials and driving training are also available via ATS therapy.

PRP (Physical Rehabilitation Program)

The team has Physios, OT’s and SP represented at each service site. All therapists are experts in the area of physical management.
• SP – responsible for support around dysphagia (swallowing problems) for other SP, for direct support with families who have a child with complex dysphagia, and for liaising with WCH around VFSS (Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Studies).
• OT – Responsible for support around physical management of the upper limbs for other OT’s, for direct support with families who have a child with very complex UL issues – dystonia or serial casting. Also available for post-Botox therapy for the upper limb if regular OT is not available or requires support.
• PT - Responsible for support around physical management of the lower limbs for other PT’s, for direct support with families who have a child with very complex LL issues – rotational issues is gait (walking), who require therapy post-operatively (eg orthopaedic surgery to lengthen muscles of change bone positions).


Help parents with any concerns they have around their child/ren’s behaviour and how best to manage it. Assist children with a mild to mid range psychological need.
Neuro psychologist look at how children move between activities and how children organise the information.

Regional Services

Novita provides services across SA and in Broken Hill. Specific teams of therapists are allocated to specific regions.


Undertaking research and building a body of research evidence is vital to ensure the services we provide are of a high quality, effective and deliver what our clients and their families require.
Research includes Clinical Research Projects, Market Research Projects and Product Development projects.
All requests for access to Novita clients and or Novita staff for the purpose of research are considered by the Research Project Selection Committee against agreed criteria that ensure that the proposed research is in keeping with Novita strategic directions, that the proposed research is sound and meets ethical requirements and that Novita clients and staff are not being over used.

Shower Chair Clinic

Specialist clinics provide opportunities to try different shower chairs

Social Work

• Assessment & Service Planning
• Service Coordination
• Social Work
Empower individuals to achieve their life goals. Help to provide safety and stability during times of hardship or vulnerability.
Providing services and supports that family members need to provide care for their child with a disability.

Specialist Residential Care

Children can only be referred to this service through The Dept of Child Protection Services. It is available to children aged 12-17 years.

Speech Pathology

Support development of speech (articulation), language, eating, choking and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). Can support the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems.

Specialist Support Coordination

Support Coordination within a therapeutic framework, necessitated by specific high levels of risk in the participant’s situation. This support is time limited and focuses on addressing barriers and reducing complexity in the support environment while assisting the participant to connect with supports and build capacity and resilience.

Specialist Support Coordination is usually provided by Social Workers.

Support Coordination

Capacity building support to implement all supports in a participant’s plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports. May include resolving points of crisis, developing capacity and resilience in a participant’s network and coordinating supports from a range of sources.

Support Coordination is usually provided by Social Workers.

Test Lab

Provides a NATA (National Association of testing Authorities) service to test medical equipment to various international and Australian standards. Items might include beds, wheelchairs, hoists, prostheses, walking sticks.
This is the only test lab for this specific range of products in Australia.

Walker Clinic

Specialist clinics opportunities to try different walkers.

Working Schools Program

Offering a full range of therapy, inclusion and technology services in hundreds of schools across South Australia.