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Your gift will help Beau access the specialised equipment he needs to learn to walk.

Beau is a bright, active, talkative eight-year-old who loves going to school with his new friends, playing with his dog, Zeus and of course, his mum, Michelle.

Born with two complex conditions - cystic fibrosis and spastic diplegia cerebral palsy and dystonia - Beau has faced challenges from day one. But with Michelle and Novita by his side, along with incredible supporters like you, he has come so far.

But during the COVID-19 crisis it hasn’t been as simple as ‘stay home’ for Beau and Michelle.

After endless weeks of missed therapy and school, Michelle is afraid Beau has fallen behind. He desperately needs the support of our Novita therapists and specialist equipment at our new Hindmarsh Central Therapy hub, so he can learn to walk.

With your kind gift today, you can turn Michelle’s fear into hope.

“I’m so proud of Beau. He’s my brave little man, so determined to succeed. But after isolation, how far has he fallen behind?” asks Michelle.

You’ve been there for the people we serve before. We really appreciate your kindness and generosity.

That’s why we really need you right now, you will make all the difference to help Novita equip our new therapy hub.

It’s critical that Beau, and other Novita kids like him, have access to these new interactive therapy spaces and equipment, to help build their independence, confidence and mobility.

In February, Beau was admitted to hospital with a respiratory infection. A hospital stay is not unusual for Beau, but always difficult for Michelle. Her fears about Beau’s health and development always come tumbling back.

Isolation wasn’t a choice for Michelle. It was a life-saving necessity.

“We were home, just the two of us, for 10 weeks. We coped with self-isolation as best we could. Beau was definitely not himself. He was very anxious, needed me more and was getting into my bed at night.

“We had to stop all but one occasional physical therapy session from Novita, which happened at home, under strict rules. Every other piece of therapy advice was over the phone. It was incredibly hard.”

In fact, Novita delivered more than 4,000 Telehealth sessions in April and May for kids like Beau. And, is on track to do even more in May.

This critical support in a time of crisis was only possible due to you and supporters like you. Thank you.

Now, so many Novita kids urgently need to get back to ‘face-to-face’ therapy - but we need to equip our new therapy hub to do this so it is ready for them when it opens in July 2020.

We can’t wait to see Beau’s little face light up when he sees the cubby house at our new therapy hub. It will be the perfect way for him to build confidence and play independently! Your generous gift today will help to make it happen.

Can we count on your support? Any amount you can give will help! The main thing is to ACT NOW.

Can you just imagine how magical those first steps will be for him and Michelle?

Our Novita kids need you more than ever right now, to give them the happiness and independence they so richly deserve. Will you please help?

Yes, I want to help kids like Beau access vital equipment so they can build independence, confidence and mobility.