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Challenging Behaviours in Children: Strategies for Parents

Kids experience a range of emotions and express themselves in many different ways. It’s normal for toddlers and young kids to have tantrums and break rules while their social and emotional skills are developing. It’s important that you and other caregivers provide support while your kids are developing and learning to manage their own emotions.

Guiding your kids and encouraging positive behaviours will support them to learn appropriate ways to behave. The ‘Challenging Behaviours in Children: Strategies for Parents’ workshop is all about teaching parents tips-and-tricks to support their kids as they grow into well-behaved young adults. The workshop also gives parents a chance to meet and share ideas with other parents experiencing similar behaviour challenges.

About the Workshop

The group is based on the Integrated Family Intervention Program for Child Conduct Problems, which focuses on supporting parents to understand their kids’ behaviour and develop strategies to increase positive behaviours and reduce challenging behaviours.

This is a parent-only group and kids will not be able to attend.

Workshop Objectives

  • To build parents’ capacity to understand, manage and reduce difficult behaviours in their kids
  • To increase parents’ general understanding of kids behaviour
  • To allow parents to share their parenting experiences and to normalise the challenges often associated with parenting


Who is the Workshop for?

Parents of kids between the ages of 2-10 years old who demonstrate behaviours such as aggression, non-compliance, rule-breaking, tantrums and/or fighting with siblings.

It is strongly recommended that all parents/carers who live at home with the kids attend the group together.

Workshop Breakdown

Session 1
Explore the common causes of kids behaviour and how the various factors apply to the attendees

Session 2
How to use rewards to increase positive behaviours and consequences to reduce challenging behaviours

Session 3
Fine-tune the rewards/consequences following implementation

Session 4
Introduce strategies to address high-risk situations and reduce sibling conflict

Session 5
Understand factors that affect parents (and subsequently kids behaviour) and what to do about this

Session 6
Review and Relapse prevention

Workshop Dates



What to Bring

Copies of session notes will be made available at the end of each session however parents are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen if they would like to make their own notes throughout sessions.


The workshop sessions will be $58.00 per hour


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