Your Community Living Options

Novita can offer a range of services to help you to find an accommodation option that meets your specific needs and independence.

From the very start of this important journey, we will work closely with you to explore a range of accommodation options that reflect your preference of location, closeness to family, accessibility, functionality, proximity to local services and transportation, and anything else that is important to you. We understand that one size does not fit all persons, and the choice of housing is a very personal decision. For instance, you may prefer to live on your own, or you may prefer to live with a small group of other people.

To ensure your accommodation is accessible and maximises your independence, Novita can also support you with a diverse range of minor and major home modifications where needed. From the fitting of bathroom handrails, to the installation of height-adjustable tables, to the design and completion of a new bedroom, our team of experienced therapists and technicians can provide you with the perfect solution.

Finding the right accommodation is a key part of your living experience and we are available to support you! Call us on 1300 668 482, email [email protected], or keep reading below to find the best accommodation service or support to meet your needs.


Accommodation choices 

Where you live is an individual choice. Some people want to live with other people because it improves their social skills, or they just have that sort of personality. Other people prefer to be on their own. Sometimes the NDIS will encourage people with low needs to live with another person. Our Community Living Team will discuss all of these options with you. 

There are also different ways to access supported accommodation. Some people come to us with their own home or rented accommodation. Other people ask for our help to find suitable accommodation by connecting them with a sales or rental agent. If you have SDA (Specialised Disability Accommodation) in your NDIS plan, we can connect you with accommodation providers including Novita Housing who can incorporate our SIL services in their accommodation. 

We have a client whose family bought a home for him, and we provide the care within that home. The home has been set up so support staff can ‘live’ in one of the bedrooms to make sure they can provide wrap-around 24/7 care for the client. 


Modifying your home to suit you 

Our Assistive Technology business unit NovitaTech can support you with a full range of home modification services, including a skilled home design service and custom products such as drop-down cupboards, handrails and ramps, remote-controlled doors and windows, and much more. Our occupational therapists and the NovitaTech project team will work with you and your family to design the most appropriate Assistive Technology and accessibility solutions for your home. 

Find out more about NovitaTech’s home and building modification services. 


Building a new home 

We can also support you to find a builder and help you design your own home. We have a very good relationship with Rossdale Homes through their Home Life program, or we can work with your preferred builder. 


Finding the right person to live with 

If you want to share a house, finding the right person is very important. You may already know someone you want to live with which makes it easy. You might know some of the important things about the person you think you want to live with like their gender, age range, interests, level support needs. We can help you to meet potential house mates if you want to share house. We will listen to what you feel is important in a house mate, as well as the views of your family and others who know you well. Finding that great match for a housemate also depends on how many people you want to live with and the funding you have available too. 


Individualised Living Options 

Individualised Living Options (ILO) is a package of supports that lets you choose where and how you live in the way that best suits you. You can live with friends, family or a host and support workers can provide the level of support you need in your home or to access the community. People who use ILO require less than 24 hour care. 


Move Me Into NEW Accommodation!

To learn more about Novita’s accommodation support, or to begin the process of moving into your new accommodation, please contact us at [email protected] or call one of our friendly team on 1300 668 482.