Mobile Toy Library

Who knew that play was so effective to support kids to learn?!

Kids are naturally curious. Right from birth, they are wondering and exploring the world around them and they’re watching and listening, moving and feeling – they’re always absorbing what’s happening around them, kind of like a sponge.

All of the daily interactions with your kids are how they learn about the world around them and ultimately, these interactions involve play.

Play is a powerful and important activity in change and has a natural and positive influence on kids’ social, physical, emotional, and mental development and it also supports a strong connection between parents/caregivers and their kids.


That’s where Novita’s mobile toy library comes in – we bring all the resources to you!

Our mobile toy library is stocked with a range of resources that will provide the tools you need to achieve a stronger connection with your kids while growing their social skillset and improve their communication techniques – it’s a win, win situation.

After each visit, you will be able to keep the toys that have been used during the session for two weeks, until your next session where the toys will be rotated with new ones and you can continue your play during the time in between sessions.


What happens when the mobile toy library comes to visit?

The home visiting toy library runs for 30 minutes per session and one of our qualified and experienced family support workers will be on hand to support ideas and structure play in a fun and interactive way.

During your first session, we’ll get you to fill out a questionnaire, which will help us to make sure that the sorts of activities and resources we’re using meet your needs and that we’re working toward an outcome you want to achieve – basically we cater to your individual requirements!

These sessions are always supported by Novita’s family support worker, who will spend quality one on one time getting to know you and working with you and your kids on creative ways to play with toys and resources to support kids growth and development.


Outcomes that you can expect long term

The program will arm you with a better knowledge of how young kids learn and develop in lots of different ways through play, so you can continue to use the activities independently at home and continue to see the benefits of the program!

You’ll get to understand how different resources and learning opportunities can help kids through their various stages of life and that it’s possible to have plenty of fun along the way, which means that the connection between yourself and the kids will continue to grow and strengthen.


So, this sounds like what you’re looking for?

 Then make sure you get involved!  You can register your interest to have our mobile toy library to come and support you by calling us on 1300 668 482, emailing us on [email protected] or you can complete an enquiry form for COPE programs online and we will be in touch with further information.