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What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder, sometimes called ASD can affect how kids behave and interact with the world around them.

Kids living with ASD:

  • have unique strengths and challenges
  • can find it hard to socialise with friends, family or strangers
  • may use words to talk, make sounds, or not talk at all
  • sometimes focus on very specific activities or interests
  • sometimes do the same action over and over again (repetitive behaviour)
  • may respond differently to everyday experiences, for example, touching things, smells, taste what they hear or what they see.

What are some of the early signs of ASD?

Every child is different, but these may be some of the common signs of ASD:

  •  exploring objects in unusual ways, such as putting objects in their mouth (beyond the age that would usually be considered acceptable) or looking at things from a strange angle
  • avoiding, or seeking out, loud noises or other sensory stimulation
  • difficulty coping with change
  • not responding to their name
  • avoiding other children and preferring to play alone
  • playing with toys in unusual ways, like lining them up or spinning them.

A full list of early signs is available on our ASD webpage. It is important to note that no behaviour on its own suggests that a child presents with ASD.

When are kids usually diagnosed with ASD?

Early identification is extremely important and children can be assessed from as young as 12 months of age.

Get assessed

Early intervention is proven to be effective in supporting kids living with ASD and their families.

We can work with your child and help them learn skills, participate and reach their full potential.

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