Ages & Stages

Primary school aged

Starting primary school is a big step for both you and your child. It’s perfectly normal for parents and kids to feel excited, nervous or sad, even if you mastered pre-school.

If your child lives with disability, you might have questions or concerns about how they are going to manage being at school for the first time. There will be different things to think about depending on their needs and the type of disability they live with. We know from experience that with the right support in place, your child will be able to thrive and get the most out of their education.

Some of the things your child might need support with are:

  • being independent
  • getting around the school grounds and between classes
  • making new friends
  • communicating with their teachers or classmates
  • using assistive technology
  • learning in a structured classroom environment
  • wearing a uniform or changing into their sports uniform

We can work with you and your child to help make the transition to school as smooth as possible. We will also work with your child’s school and teachers to help them get to know your child and their needs, and to ensure their inclusion within the school community.  

If you’d like advice or support with any of these things, have a chat to a friendly Novita therapist on 1300 NOVITA.

We can also support your child through our groups.

Groups are workshops and programs run by our therapists for your child. Each group has a purpose, for example to help your child communicate or socialise.

Groups are run during school term as well as during the school holidays. They are open to Novita kids and anyone else in the community who wants to get involved.

It’s also a great way for you to socialise and meet other parents in a friendly environment.