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Regional Careers

We are looking to recruit allied health professionals to join our regional teams and make a positive difference for people living with disability.

Our regional hubs are located in some of the most beautiful areas across South Australia and Western New South Wales and our supportive teams are excited for you to join them.

Novita is committed to delivering services and supports for kids, young people and adults living with disability where they need it most – in their own community. Our regional therapy hubs in Berri, Broken Hill, Kadina, Murray Bridge, Port Lincoln, and Whyalla, provide therapy, assistive technology, and community program support for people living with disability and their families in those communities and beyond.

So if you’re ready to start your career with Novita or looking to find out more, we’d love to hear from you!




There are so many great reasons to join our regional teams

Sense of adventure
Moving to a regional community can be one of the best decisions you make for both your career and your personal growth! Experiencing a new way of life can be a lot of fun – meet new people, explore and see first-hand how it’s all done in the country!

Higher salary
Novita offers a zone allowance for regional allied health employees – which means a higher fortnightly pay! There can also be additional benefits for your tax – meaning less tax and a higher take home salary.

Fast track your career
As one of South Australia’s oldest and most respected disability service and support organisations, Novita is a destination of choice for new graduate allied health professionals seeking to make an impact at the start of their career.

Working regionally will provide you with opportunities to develop advanced skills and take on higher levels of responsibility, all with the support of our experienced therapists. This will assist you to advance your career in a shorter period of time.

Moving to a new town also shows motivation, independence and the ability to get out of your comfort zone – which are personal attributes all employers are looking for!

Broad start to your career
Working within our experienced regional hub teams, with full clinical supervision and support, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and develop skills across a broad range of areas and diverse range of clients – this a fantastic opportunity for new graduates who are unsure what area they want to specialise in.

Greater support and supervision from experienced therapists
We know that working in a regional area brings unique opportunities for your development as an allied health professional. Our personalised supervision structures that we put in place for each of our therapists will ensure that you have the support that you need to thrive. Our regional therapists work closely with their support team, including Clinical Leads and Team Leaders to identify their professional goals, support needs and development opportunities that enable them to become the therapist that they want to be and an important member of the local communities.

Lifestyle benefits of living in country towns
Country life has so many great perks – you can immerse yourself within a close knit community, it’s easy to get around, and great local attractions within the towns including the well-known beaches in Whyalla and Port Lincoln and the river in Berri!




If you need to re-locate, we will support you… before, during and after

Finding accommodation
We understand it can be tricky to find accommodation when re-locating to a new town – we can work with you to find accommodation that suits your needs and that you feel comfortable in.

Whether you’re moving out of home for the first time or embarking on a new adventure, we can offer you accommodation at a subsidized rate. We can also provide financial support with the costs associated with your relocation.

Getting to know the town
We understand that logistically, it can be difficult to move to a new place you may know nothing about; however, our supportive regional teams love showing new team members around and helping them find what they need to settle into their new environment and to feel at home.

We can help you plan your move and provide you with all the information you need to set up in your new home.

Ongoing support
We will be there with you every step of the way; before the move, during the move and throughout your employment.




Meet a regional hub team member

Speech pathologist Samara Nield is a member of our Whyalla team and works with a broad range of people living with disability in the community.

Enjoyed hearing from Samara? Listen to Paris JohnsonRachel Ayliffe or Jenny Chan share their experience as new graduate’s living and working in rural South Australia.




Who are we?

Novita is South Australia’s largest and most respected community-based disability service organisation supporting kids, young people and adults living with disability through a network of metropolitan and regional hubs across South Australia and beyond.

We have more than 850 dedicated and professional staff supporting approximately 5,000 clients, along with their families and carers. Our specialist staff includes occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, social workers, psychologists, educators, rehabilitation engineers, orthotists, disability support workers, and more.

Novita’s range of services and supports include assessment and advice, diagnostic services, in-home support, early intervention, physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, psychology, orthotics, rehabilitation, social work, day options, group therapy, school holiday programs, and outside school hours’ care. We deliver these services at our therapy hubs, in homes, at schools and kindergartens, in the workplace, in the local park – wherever our services are needed.

Everything Novita does is designed to help kids, young people and adults living with disability to support independence, achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives.


Current Vacancies

Check out all current vacancies by visiting our careers page.  If you don’t see your dream job listed, we still want to hear from you! Send us your CV by completing our online Therapy Careers Expression of Interest form and we’ll get in touch with you about the latest opportunities which suit your skillset.