Central District Football Club and Novita supporting clients to achieve their goals

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Central District Football Club (CDFC) has been supporting Novita kids, teens and young people for more than 13 years.

The vital funds raised by CDFC have enabled Novita to purchase valuable equipment and improve facilities to support clients, like James, to reach their goals.

12-year-old James is working towards his goals with the support of Novita exercise physiologist Brooke. James attends his therapy sessions every week with Brooke. “James comes in with a cheeky smile on his face, super motivated and always ready for some fun” says Brooke. James’ goals include building up his strength and overall conditioning, to support him in activities as well as performance in sport.

“We have been working on his strength, coordination, and endurance throughout his sessions which has all come along in leaps and bounds” says Brooke.

James’ mum Christine shares that he loves his exercise physiology sessions with Brooke, “Brooke is just amazing, she makes it fun for James and he looks forward to going to see her. She puts a smile on his face, making every session fun and there is always so much laughter.”

Christine has noticed that the positive effects from the exercise physiology sessions, have also improved other areas of life for James, including school. James is working towards his school-based goals of improving his literacy and numeracy, where he practices counting down the seconds and the number of exercises. James won an award at school last year for meeting one of his numeracy goals of counting from 1 to 30 using his communication device.

James has also been working with the Novita Orthotics team who have been supporting him to stand independently and engage in a variety of sports, including footy. Orthotics allow James to perform simple movements, like walking and running, and supporting his balance to prevent him from falling over. “Before James had access to orthotics, he wouldn’t join in. He would just sit on the sidelines,” says Christine.

Since James began exercise physio and orthotics at Novita, Christine has seen his confidence grow as he wants to engage in new activities. “I am very proud of James. I encourage him to have a go. I tell him that it’s ok if you couldn’t do it. You will get it next time.”

CDFC have supported Novita through various raffles and fundraising campaigns, including the sale of player guernseys and dedicated match days.

CDFC are currently running a car lottery competition, to support Novita where part proceeds go towards providing support for kids, teens and adults living with disability throughout SA, as well as their carers and families.

Tickets for the CDFC lottery are now on sale and you could go in the running to WIN a brand-new Hyundai Santa Fe or $45,000 in cash*. The funds will go towards the purchase of vital equipment to support people living with disability achieve their goals – thank you ❤

You can buy tickets here:

To enter, all you have to do is purchase your tickets via before 11.59pm on April 28 2023 for your chance to win.