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Exciting changes at Novita


Novita is excited to announce we are growing up with our kids!

From 1 July 2017, we will be expanding our services beyond children and teens, to include support for young adults living with disability.

This means our kids and their families now have the opportunity to continue with their Novita therapists, supports and services beyond the age of 18.

We’re able to do this because of the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to 18-64 years olds in South Australia from 1 July 2017.

Novita will be developing new services in the future that cater to our teens’ changing needs as they transition into adulthood.


We’re also launching a new brand!

The new look logo and website celebrates our growing Novita family and the amazing things our kids, teens – and young adults! – achieve every day.


We recently caught up with one of our former Novita teens, Dominic, who had to leave us at the age of 18 and is excited about the opportunity to come back to Novita.


Tell us a bit about yourself …

My name is Dominic and I’m 20 years old. I was born in England and moved to Australia when I was 8 years old. I have one older sister aged 21 and two younger brothers aged 17 and 12.

I went to Hallett Cove East Primary School from years 3 to 7 then moved to Hallett Cove R-12 where I graduated in 2015, before doing Cert III in Information Technology in 2016.

My main interest is technology or anything to do with computers; I have also been playing wheelchair rugby for seven years and I really enjoy it – I did a lot of sports activities through Novita which were really fun.


Can you tell us what disability you live with, when you were diagnosed, and when you started at Novita?

I have had cerebral palsy since birth. I was born 10 weeks premature and spent 10 weeks in a hospital incubator. When my parents took me home there were no signs that I had cerebral palsy. It wasn’t until I got a month or two older that signs started to show – things like not sitting up, I would always slouch or lean back. And as time went on I never tried to stand and never tried to walk. So, they took me to the doctors and they were told I had cerebral palsy.

In 2006 I joined Novita and my first impression was good – everyone was friendly. Novita also had convenient, easy appointments. The physios made home and school visits which were great for me and my family.


How did Novita support you?

Novita was a part of my everyday life growing up.

They helped me at school if I needed a ramp to get into classrooms and they got me a pair of scissors I could use. This made my schooling more accessible.

Novita also gave me crutches and taught me how to use them so I could go out with my friends without a wheelchair, which meant I could be independent. They also arranged splints so I could walk straighter and easier.

As well as giving me equipment, the Novita physios helped in lots of other ways. They arranged weekly visits so I could stay on top of my fitness and health, and after one of my operations they helped me get back to school with a lot of physio, and modified my wheelchair so I could leave the house. When I got back to school they showed my support teacher how to take me out of my chair and how to do exercises with me at school.

Without Novita, I would not have been able to return to school as soon as I did. I would have missed out on so much learning and I would have struggled without the support of Novita.


How do you feel about Novita?

I was always glad to be with Novita – they made it easy and they understood my needs and me. It was good for my parents as well because if they had any questions or worries about me they could call Novita and they would speak to someone who could understand and help them.


What was it like leaving Novita when you turned 18?

Leaving Novita was hard. I liked it there. If I ever needed help I knew where I could get it, I was getting regular check-ups and if I started getting more leg or back pains my physio would help me out. But after I left, I didn’t have the support I was used to. Now, instead of getting help with pain I just sit there and just think I am in pain again, and I have no one to tell.


What would it have been like for you, if you were able to continue with Novita once you turned 18?

I think it would have been better, I can’t honestly say how much better. I would have got more to manage my condition. The problems I have had over the last two years with my condition would have been resolved easier with Novita.


What does it mean for you now, to know you can come back to Novita?

It means I can go back to a place where I feel comfortable and a place where I can trust the people around me are going to do all they can for me. I can also go back and get treatment and get stronger and more active.


Looking forward as a young adult, what supports and services are you interested in getting in the future?

I definitely will be looking for help with getting my driver’s license and modifying my car, this is something I have had problems with before, so it would be great to get some help. As I get older I’m sure I will use Novita when I’m looking to move out of home, or if I need to modify my house or just need information on how to get something I need.

Joining Novita again will open the door for more possibilities.


Novita will continue its longstanding and passionate commitment to providing the best quality support and services to children. In fact, we offer support at every age and every stage

If you’re a young adult who wants to join Novita, contact us today on 1300 NOVITA.