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All Aussie kids should have the opportunity to play sport – Oi Oi Oi


Many Aussie kids living with disability can’t play sport because they need support, modified equipment or modified games and these aren’t available to everyone.

That’s why we have teamed up with the Adelaide Strikers (and hopefully you!) – to raise the funds and awareness needed to make sure every Aussie kid can play sport.



Because playing sport is part of what it means to be Australian – it also means being part of a team and having friends – it means staying active, fit and healthy and because sport is so much fun nobody should miss out on playing it ever!

What’s the solution?

The barriers need to be broken down for kids living with disability so they can play weekend sport with their mates and be part of a team. This can be done by providing modified games and equipment giving them access to a wide range of sports to suit their abilities. Our ConnectABILITY program helps break down these barriers by providing regular coaching sessions and giving kids access to the specialised equipment they need. ConnectABILITY also gives them the opportunity to be involved in community-based sport and recreation activities.

How you can help

You can help us build an amazing collection of modified sports equipment for kids to borrow and try out. You can also help us set up training sessions for kids, where they will learn the confidence and skills to participate in community and club sports – so they can join in with their mates!

  • $5000 could buy gym equipment for Novita therapists to use with kids living with disability
  • $3000 could buy an all-terrain wheelchair to help kids participate in beach and water sports
  • $540 could buy a Special Needs Sports Kit
  • $75 could buy a foam ball training pack
  • $30 could buy a flexi T-Ball set


Every dollar helps give kids living with disability the opportunity to play sport – you can make a difference by donating here!


Charity Match

This year the Strikers have nominated their first home game of the KFC BBL season to help raise funds and awareness of our ConnectABILITY program. Novita kids are preparing to take centre stage with a pre-match sports demonstration on the Oval, providing a guard of honour as the players take the field, tossing the coin, delivering the ball and many volunteers at the ground to collect much-needed donations.

Who: Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Thunder

Where: Adelaide Oval

When: Friday 22 December

Time: 7.10pm (gates open at 5.00pm)

For more information on game details or the remaining Strikers matches click here.

Thank you for supporting our ConnectABILITY program and Adelaide Strikers partnership.