Occupational Therapy

How can an occupational therapist help your child?

As parents, we all want to see our children learn, grow and enjoy themselves by participating in everyday activities.  Kids get a lot of satisfaction and a feeling of independence when they learn to do things by themselves.

But every child is different, and some children need help when it comes to doing the same things other kids can do by themselves, at a similar age.

This is where occupational therapists can help. At Novita, our occupational therapists work closely with you and your child as well as other family members and care providers, to help build the skills your child needs to join in with everyday activities.

When your child should see an occupational therapist?

Your child may benefit from the help of a Novita occupational therapist if they are experiencing challenges in any of the following areas:

  • arm and hand use
  • play
  • personal care – dressing, bathing, toileting, mealtimes, transfers
  • sleep
  • vision
  • sensory issues
  • transition to child care, preschool, school, and post-school options
  • participation at preschool or school
  • using technology
  • independent living skills, eg shopping, handling money, leisure and transport



The first step a Novita occupational therapist will take in helping your child, involves an individual assessment of your child’s own situation. From these assessments, we are able to:

  • discover things that may be causing your child’s particular challenges
  • identify your child’s stage of development with respect to things like play skills, arm and hand movement, self-care and their general understanding of and engagement with the world around them
  • recommend tailor made solutions to help build and maintain skills that may be lacking or under developed


Skill development

Novita occupational therapists work closely with you, your family and other members of your child’s support team, to provide a tailored program based on the specific needs of your child.

Occupational therapy at Novita can be provided in one on one or group sessions. Importantly, training and information is given to you and others supporting your child, so that work on skill development can continue outside of therapy sessions. This can include at home, play and school.

The therapy itself can include one or more of the following:

  • individual and / or group sessions
  • intensive, goal oriented skill training sessions
  • intensive therapy following surgery or other medical procedures
  • information and training to other important people in a child’s life, such as family members, teachers and child care staff
  • home and school programs including resource ideas
  • adaptation of activities and materials
  • assessment and prescription of equipment
  • assessment of the environment and recommendations for changes

More frequent occupational therapy is recommended when a child:

  • is in a critical period of skill development
  • Is experiencing or has had a recent growth spurt or rapid body changes
  • has had recent surgery or other medical procedures
  • will soon be attending childcare, kindergarten or moving up to school

If you would like information or free advice, speak to someone in our friendly team on 1300 NOVITA (1300 668 482) or visit our Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.