How can a Novita physiotherapist help you and your child?

Children typically develop their movement skills in a particular sequence but this development can be changed or delayed by impairments in any body systems which may include sensory impairments (balance), neurological impairments (physical disability such as Cerebral Palsy) and/or muscle weakness and co-ordination difficulties.

This is where Novita physiotherapists can help. Our physios are highly trained in movement and mobility therapies. We work closely with you, your child and others in your support team, to provide individual physiotherapy programs to support the development of children’s mobility skills.

We also teach parents and carers how to safely assist their children to move to ensure they don’t hurt themselves.

If you would like information or free advice, speak to someone in our friendly team on 1300 NOVITA (1300 668 482) or visit our Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.


To create a tailored physio program for your child, Novita physiotherapists use specialised assessments to understand:

• how your child moves, their strengths and difficulties
• how they best learn in relation to movement development
• what may be limiting your child’s ability to achieve movement skills or goals.

For children with a physical disability regular check- ups, are highly recommended to monitor any changes and teach children and their families how to properly look after their bodies in order to:

• manage abnormal muscle tone and reduce its effect on function
• maintain or improve movement and mobility skills
• maintain flexibility
• prevent pain or discomfort.

Even small changes in muscle length or joint mobility can have a big impact on how well a child can move in the future. A tailored therapy program, can assist to maintain flexibility of tight muscles and minimise or prevent pain.


Skill development

Novita physiotherapists provide advice and therapy programs to assist with development of functional mobility skills and abilities and may include:

• stretching, strengthening and balance exercises
• functional skills training
• aquatic therapy
• using splints to support joint and muscle function
• parent training to assist your child during day to day care, play, school and leisure activities
• the use of customised postural and mobility equipment to enable your child to participate in everyday activities such as school, sporting and recreational events ( eg a modified walker)

Programs are tailored to the individual child’s goals,strengths and needs and consider the daily activities and routines that can be used to support skill development and maintain activity, flexibility and strength.


When should your child see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists can offer advice and therapy strategies to best support your child from the earliest possible time, to learn, develop and practise new mobility skills.

We recommend that you talk to a Novita physiotherapist if you have any concerns or questions related to:

• how your child moves, walks, plays, and their participation in physical activity and sports
• delay in the development of their mobility milestones
• baby or young child not tolerating certain positions
• a difference in the way the child uses the two sides of their body
• clumsiness or unusual walking pattern
• changes observed following a recent growth spurt

Physiotherapy is also recommended following procedures such as muscle and bone surgery, or Botulinum (botox) injections.


Assistive technology for positioning and mobility

Assistive technology is an aid or equipment that can assist a child to do something that they would otherwise not be able to do, such as sitting in a chair or walking. Physiotherapists are able to advise assist children and families on the use and range of splints and specialised equipment available to enable children to sit, stand, walk and move about their home and community. See our Assistive Technology Service for more information.


Novita Kids Physio Clinic

This is a physiotherapy service located at Novita Children’s Services specifically to address injury and/or pain issues a child maybe experiencing. When movement and mobility issues in children are not corrected or identified, tightness of muscles, pain and changes in their mobility may develop.

This clinic is run by physiotherapists with expertise in working with children with a physical disability and specific knowledge on the management of bone, muscular and joint issues.  They can provide:

  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Postural and gait evaluations
  • Techniques to address tightness of muscles, mobility of joints and pain issues