Community Options Parent Engagement (COPE)

What is COPE?

The Community Options Parent Engagement (COPE) offers supported playgroups, parent information sessions and a home visiting program supported by a mobile toy and resource lending service.

The aim of the COPE program is to improve children’s development and to support parents. The weekly supported playgroups run in partnership with Bagster Road Community Centre in Salisbury North, Parafield Gardens Children’s Centre and Lake Windemere Children’s Centre.



‘Kids, Blokes and Dad Jokes’ is the Lake Windemere playgroup that runs on Saturday mornings with a focus on providing fathers with a range of opportunities to be involved with their children.

The playgroups are supported by experienced staff and provide an opportunity for parents and children to get together and join in discussion and share activities in a stimulating environment. Parent information workshops are also offered each week and include a crèche to make it easier for parents to attend. The workshops cover a broad range of topics such as language development, health, reading and behaviour.

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