Getting out and being active is a major part of everyone’s health and wellbeing. But being active can sometimes be tough for people living with disability.

ConnectABILITY provides a specialised, supportive and practical ‘linkup’ service between people living with disability and community sporting groups, helping to break down barriers and open doors to a range of new recreation and sporting possibilities.

This page will help you get a better understanding of ConnectABILITY and how it may support your activity goals.


What is the aim of ConnectABILITY?

ConnectABILITY is a program that aims to provide people living with disability greater access to community-based sport and recreation activities.

How will we do this?

ConnectABILITY will be delivered via a range of services, including:

  • a supported recreation program that will increase the number of people with physical disabilities participating in community-based recreation programs
  • additional, individualised, expert support to community-organised recreation groups and clubs that are looking to enhance their inclusion strategies and increase their membership base
  • involving members of the community through the development of volunteer mentoring opportunities within the program.

The program involves Novita’s expert staff working side-by-side with clients, families, sporting groups, and volunteers, providing advice on appropriate strategies and activities and helping to create a safe, supportive environment where people living with disability can ‘have a go’.

How will this happen?

Clients registered for the ConnectABILITY program will be contacted by one of Novita’s Recreation Officers to discuss ways we can support you. For Clients requesting practical support to connect with recreation activities, a time will be made to sit down together and to talk about interests. Further assistance will be discussed depending on each client’s needs.


Who is eligible for ConnectABILITY?

Novita clients are eligible and can register for ConnectABILITY. If you are not registered as a Novita client, please call 1300 668 482.

How do I register my child?

To register for ConnectABILITY speak with your therapy team or contact us today on 1300 668 482.

Further information

For more information about ConnectABILITY or to register as a volunteer, please contact:
Emily Ayles – ConnectABILTY Recreation Officer on 1300 668 482.