Winning and Losing Socially

Winning and Losing Socially is a therapy group for kids to practise winning, losing and being social while playing fun board games like Uno and Jenga.

Each session kids practise social skills like taking turns, following instructions and playing fairly while learning the importance of being a good friend during a game.

Honest feedback is given when some not-so-social behaviours appear, like cheating or taking someone else’s turn, so your kid will have no problems joining in with games at School.

Support your kid to become their School’s King or Queen of Jenga and have fun making new friends at the ‘Winning and Losing Socially’ therapy group.

Our next sessions are:

Parafield Gardens Office: Wednesday 25th January at 10:00am (at Pooraka Farm Community Centre)

Age group:

8 - 12 years


This group is great for kids who are verbal, can sit and play non-electric games for an hour (some reminding, support and with breaks to move around is fine).




Phone: 1300 668 482