Yoga Kids

Yoga Kids is a fun exercise group run by one of our physiotherapists and speech pathologists.

It is based on yoga movements, relaxation and breathing techniques with individual, partner and group exercises.

This group is great for addressing some focus areas as mentioned above as well as:

Attention – being able to engage in tasks

Self-regulation – this is your child’s ability to reduce feeling overwhelmed or stressed. We have sensory tools on hand to assist with this.

Yoga Kids is also a great place for parents to get together and network or even join in for a pose or two!

Age group:

5 - 12 years


Kids with autism or developmental delay have benefitted from this group (and had heaps of fun!) but this group is for all children who could benefit from support with motor planning, sequencing, social skills and following instructions.

Motor planning – planning motor (movement) skills, for example; knowing to put socks on first before shoes.

Sequencing - this is being able to arrange language, information and actions in the right order. Many kids with learning and attention issues have trouble with sequencing.

Social skills – making friends and working with others.

Following instructions – being able to pay attention to, and understand instructions.


$59.76 per hour


Phone: 1300 668 482