Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids is a fun group led by a Novita therapist.

This group incorporates yoga movement, poses and games, relaxation and breathing techniques for kids to do on their own, with a partner and in a group.

With a focus on self-regulation, coordination and movement skills, this group is great for most kids. Kids with a physical disability, autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay have benefitted from this group and had heaps of fun!

But it is not just for kids! Yoga for Kids is also a great place for parents to get together and network or even join in for a pose or two!

Our next sessions are:

Elizabeth Office: Friday 20th & 27th of January at 11:30am
Modbury Office: Wednesday 18th of January at 9:30am

Modbury Office: Wednesday 18th of January at 10:30am

Age group:

8 - 12 years


To gain most from the group children need to be able to:

  • follow directions and routine
  • enjoy playing games with other children
  • able to independently get up and down from the floor

If your child has not been seen by a therapist, a pre-assessment may be required to determine if further support is required for the child to be involved in the group.




Phone: 1300 668 482