Emotional wellbeing

At times we all struggle with many different aspects of life, and children and young people are no exception to this.

Learning to manage and express big feelings, like anger or worry can be a challenge. Developing skills to talk to others about these feelings and to get help can also be difficult for some children. Figuring out how to get along with others and feel confident in social situations can be a challenging task for anyone. As parents knowing how to support your child through the social difficulties of life they may encounter can also be a challenge.

  • What can I say or do to help when my child is teased or bullied at school for example?
  • How do I help my child learn to manage the big feelings like disappointment, worry and anger?
  • My child just cannot wait and doesn’t like to share, how can I teach them?

There are many ways to deal with these questions and others that stem from the many challenges in everyday life. Novita can help you explore different ways of coping with the complex emotions and behaviours that are a part of learning to get along with others and managing the big feelings.

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Services to assist with emotional wellbeing

Early childhood intervention


Occupational therapy

Speech pathology

Social work