6 Easy Exercises To Get You Moving

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Do you want to see your physiotherapist but don’t want to leave your home?

At this time when we are remaining in our homes, staying active is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. We have put together a fantastic at-home exercise video as an example of exercises for both kids and adults.

These won’t suit everyone, so it is important to be guided by your physiotherapist on the right exercises for you and have someone with you to guide you through the exercises – in particular your Novita physiotherapist via telehealth!

Below is a description of each exercise listed in the video.

Please note: As for any exercise program the program needs to match your abilities and may need to be modified, so always consult your physio or GP before commencing the program. To do these exercises you will need a chair.

Sit to stand

Exercise 1

Initially have someone stabilise the chair to ensure you are safe. Begin by sitting on the front half of your chair. Ensure your feet are shoulder width apart and cross your arms over your chest. Slowly begin to stand up, and once standing, sit back down in a controlled movement. This is strengthening your glutes (around the buttocks area), hamstrings and quadriceps. Repeat up to 15 times.

Calf raises

Exercise 2

Rest both hands on the back of your chair. Raise your heels so that you’re on your tiptoes and hold the position for a few seconds. Now slowly lower your heels back to the ground. This is strengthening the back of your lower legs (calf muscles). Do 3 sets of 20 calf raises. You can make this more challenging by taking your hands off the chair.

Four point kneel

Exercise 3

Find a soft surface to get on your hands and knees. Ensure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. Slowly stretch your right leg out behind you and bring it back in. This is strengthening your core, buttocks and shoulders. Do it 10 times and repeat on your left leg.


Exercise 4

Stay on your hands and knees and raise your body so you are on your toes. Ensure your back is straight. You can do this exercise on your knees if you wish. Hold this position for 30 seconds. You are strengthening your stomach, back and shoulder muscles.


Exercise 5

Lay on your back with your hands by your side and knees slightly bent. Keep your arms and shoulders on the floor and slowly raise your body from your hips. Hold yourself up for 3-5 seconds and slowly bring yourself back down. This is strengthening your hips, glutes and hamstrings. Do 3 sets of 10 bridge raises.


Exercise 6

Begin by standing straight. Step forward with your right leg. Lower your body until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle and slowly stand back up. You are strengthening your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Do 10 lunges and repeat on your left leg.

The Benefits of Exercise

These are just an example of a few of the exercises that could be incorporated into your program and have fantastic benefits for both the mind and body by:

  • improving mobility
  • reducing pain
  • developing motor skills
  • increasing fitness
  • promoting relaxation
  • strengthening and stretching muscles
  • promoting a positive state of mind

Novita’s Practice Leader, Kerry Evans is thrilled to see so many clients reaching their physiotherapy goals through telehealth and is excited to see more clients benefit from this service.

“The evidence certainly supports that physiotherapy delivered via telehealth is just as effective as face to face”, says Kerry.

Exercise and Physiotherapy through Telehealth

Our doors are still open, however if you can’t come to us, we can come to you through telehealth!

Telehealth is a live video-conferencing digital platform that enables you to continue your therapy from home. Even before the impact of COVID-19, the health and therapy sectors saw a growing demand for telehealth services provided by physiotherapists which have proven to be extremely successful.

Our therapists have developed innovative ways to meet the at-home needs of our clients, including the use of Apps in telehealth sessions, coaching parents in at-home programs, and meeting in groups via telehealth which is a fun and safe way for clients to see their friends, while parents are supported in the set up and facilitation of the activities.

Novita physiotherapist, Chloe Wegener, has seen telehealth benefit her clients of all ages and abilities.

“For a young client whose goal was to achieve independent walking, telehealth allowed us to see the set-up of the home and make suggestions on how to incorporate exercises into play within the home environment”.

“For a young adult, I was also able to coach the parent on how to best support the client for each exercise. The parent expressed this was incredibly rewarding as they had not previously known how to facilitate exercises with their child, and it allowed the client to continue working towards their strength and balance goals.”

To receive your Novita services through telehealth, get in touch with use online or give us a call on 1300 668 482.