Chloe is building her independence

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19-year-old Chloe is working hard to achieve her independence goals.

Chloe, who lives with cerebral palsy, would be well known to the Novita family, especially through her role as an ambassador for our annual Mighty River Run – the boating adventure that is changing kids’ lives.

Chloe and her family – especially her dad Tim – continue to be strong supporters of the Mighty River Run, and Tim says he and his Team Senator crew have already signed up to be part of the 2021 event.

“We’re already working on our fundraising. One of the highlights of the Run for me is always the Client Day, when you get to meet the kids and their families who directly benefit from our fundraising. It shows that your fundraising is meaningful and has a purpose,” says Tim.

Tim says Chloe is very determined to build her independence.

“This is a long journey. Her disability is a life-long condition, so everything she does every week – every exercise and every bit of training – is ultimately all about independence, whether it’s for employment or just everyday living,” he says.

“She’s going really well and working hard. Her ultimate aim is to walk independently. Right now she uses a walker, but one day it could be with walking sticks, and who knows beyond that.”

Novita physiotherapist Chloe Wegener works closely with Chloe, and says her walking ability is slowly improving.

“We’ve been working on Chloe’s goal to walk faster and with more independence. She’s walking more on a treadmill and without a walker,” she says.

“We recently conducted a thorough assessment to identify the areas we need to work on with Chloe, including her strength, balance and coordination.

“We’re now doing a 45 minute session in the gym at Novita Health at Welland using weights, Pilates equipment and balance equipment, then we do a 30 minute pool session where we do activities such as walking in the water and stretching out tight muscles.

“Chloe can complete activities in the pool that she can’t on land, including jumping and hopping. All of this work is contributing to improving Chloe’s strength and balance, and therefore her walking.

“Her increased strength and endurance will enable her to participate in activities for longer, especially when she enters the workforce,” says Chloe.

Tim says Chloe is happy to continue to supporting the Mighty River Run by being an ambassador.

“She loves to get out on the boats. As she transitions, she would like to continue as an ambassador. That’s the whole thing – she’s happy doing it, it’s a positive setting, and it’s all good.”

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