How to join the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run 2024 as a charity fundraiser

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Welcome to your guide to joining the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run 2024 as a charity fundraiser for Novita.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of signing up for the run, choosing Novita as your charity, and setting up your personal fundraising page.

Then, we’ll show you how to join our Pushing the Limits fundraising team so you can be a part of the community on event day.

Registering for events online can be tricky, but don’t worry. We’ve broken down the entire process into simple steps to make it as easy as possible for you to join.

Step One

Visit the event website to start your registration

Go to the official City-Bay Fun Run website and select register on the home page.

Clicking register will take you to the registration homepage –

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one with your email address and personal details.

Step Two

Registration Type

From here, select your registration type.

In most cases, this will be ‘Solo Registration’, however, there are other options if you are planning on registering a few people or applying to participate as a Sub-50 runner.

Please note – the rest of this registration guide will focus on registering as a Solo Registration.

Step 3

Fill out your personal information

Next, fill in the required fields for registration, including personal information, emergency contact details, and any event-specific information that is requested.

Step Four

Complete event information

The next step is to select your race type and distance.

In the past, most members of the Pushing the Limits team have selected to participate in the 6km event, however, you are free to choose a distance that suits you and your circumstances the best.

Step Five

Discounts and companions

In the previous step, there is also an option to include a discount code or RAA membership number to gain a discount on the overall registration fee. In this example, we have a 25 per cent discount code applied.

Once these are applied, in this step you can review your discount and accept to move forward once you are happy this is the correct price.

At this point in the registration, you are also asked if you would like to register a family member or friend too. In this example, we have chosen not too.

Step Six

Extras and postage

The final step before paying for your registration is choosing how you would like to collect your race bib – in person or via the post.

On this page, you will also be asked if you would like to join a team? Novita does not have an event team and in this example, we have left the box unchecked as we will be joining the Pushing the Limits fundraising team later in the registration process.

Please note – you might like to create an event team or join an existing one still, which you are more than welcome to do. For example, if your football club is participating in the event and you would like to run with them, but fundraise for Novita, you can!

Step Seven

Choose Novita as your charity

During the registration process, you have the option to select Novita as your chosen charity for fundraising.

Make sure to confirm this selection when it’s available. Simply search ‘Novita’ in the search bar and the purple Novita logo will appear.

Step Eight

Review and pay

Use this final step to review your event registration.

If everything looks good, the last thing to do is pay any required registration fees through the secure payment gateway provided on the website.

Step Nine

Registration complete

Congratulations! You are now officially registered for the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run 2024 as a charity fundraiser for Novita.

But don’t stop just yet, there are a couple more steps to complete to ensure your fundraising page is set-up for success!

Step Ten

Receive email confirmation

Once registered, you should receive a confirmation email with your registration details and any relevant event information.

In this email, you will be prompted to set a password for your own Grassrootz fundraising page which you will use to collect donations from family, friends, and others prior to the event.

Please note – there is a $50 minimum fundraising requirement if you would like to get a Pushing The Limits branded t-shirt to wear while participating. Email [email protected] to find out how.

Step Eleven

Set up your fundraising page

After clicking the link in your registration confirmation email, you will be prompted to set up your fundraising page.

Start by creating your account.

Step Twelve

Personalise your page

Customise your fundraising page with a personal story about why you’re supporting Novita and participating in the City-Bay Fun Run this year.

Decide on a fundraising target that you’d like to reach as this can motivate your supporters to contribute. By default, the target is set to $500, but you can increase this at any time.

Remember to share the link to your fundraising page with friends, family, and colleagues through email, social media, and word of mouth.

Don’t forget to regularly update your supporters on your training progress, event preparation, and fundraising milestones.

Step Thirteen

Join the Pushing the Limits Fundraising Team

Now that your personal fundraising page has been established, you can join the offical Pushing The Limits fundraising team.

To do so, simply click this link – and press the ‘Join Team’ button.

Step Fourteen

Connect your personal fundraising page to the Pushing the Limits Fundraising Team

The final step to join the Pushing The Limits fundraising team is to connect your Personal fundraising page.

Using the drop down menu, select your Personal fundraising page, and then press ‘Join with selected page.’

And that’s it! You are now a member of the Pushing The Limits fundraising team.

By following these steps, you can successfully register for the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run this year, choose Novita as your charity, and effectively fundraise to support our services and grow awareness of accessibility in sport as part of the Pushing The Limits fundraising team. Good luck with your participation and fundraising efforts.

If you have any additional questions about registering for the City-Bay event, you can contact – [email protected]

If you have any questions about your fundraising page, please direct them to the Support Team at Grassrootz.