1 Day PODD Overview Workshop

This workshop is designed for families, educators, allied health professionals and other communication partners who would like to develop an understanding of PODD language organisation, and learn how to implement PODD communication books to support genuine and autonomous communication for individuals with complex communication needs.

This 1 Day PODD Overview Workshop will be hosted by Amelia Edwards, one of Novita’s speech pathology clinical leads and is a fantastic professional development opportunity, and provides such important, foundational information about working with individuals who use PODD.

This event will be offered on Monday 15 May or Monday 14 August.

Please note, if you are a speech pathologist, we recommend that you attend the 2-Day PODD Introductory Course , so that you also learn how to select and customise PODD communication books.

Who should attend?:

This workshop is beneficial for anyone who is a PODD communication book partner, such as (but not limited to):

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Allied Health Professionals (e.g. occupational therapists)
  • Support workers

Benefits of attending:

You will learn and refine skills in:

  • About the development of PODD language organisation
  • How to use direct access PODD communication books (1 page and 2 page direct access opening books)
  • How to create an aided language learning environment
  • How to evaluate the implementation of any communication tool under the AARCH (Accessibility, Autonomy, Requirements, Competence, Habits) through the use of case studies and hands on practice


Do I have to bring my own PODD communication book?

No, there will be PODD books available for the practice sessions, and there will be a variety of PODD books on display for you to look at during breaks.

We use PODD on our tablet/iPad, not in book form, will this workshop still be relevant?

The main focus of this workshop is for PODD communication books, however the ideas learnt can be transferred across to using with a PODD app on tablet or iPad.

Do I need a basic understanding of PODD to get the most out of this workshop?

No – this is a workshop for beginners who would like to develop an understand of PODD language organisation.

I already use a PODD with my child or client but want to get better at it – will this workshop still be useful?

Even if you already use a PODD with your child or client, this workshop is a great opportunity to develop a more detailed understanding about PODD language organisation and how to support the implementation of a PODD communication book.

Request a workshop:

If you would like to request a 1 Day Overview Workshop or 2 Day Introductory PODD workshop at your site, please contact us on the details below for a quote and more information.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 668 482