Daily routine & self-care services

Daily living skills are the skills used to complete the many tasks of a normal day. They include skills for dressing, eating, toileting, bathing and many more.

Helping children to improve their daily living skills

To be successful in using these skills, there may be special requirements for children with disability and their families. For example, for one child it may be important to learn to wash without help, while for another it may be important just to feel comfortable and safe when being washed by someone else. The skills that are required to complete these everyday routines are called ‘daily living skills’. The people who have special knowledge and experience in helping people in these areas are occupational therapists.

All children are different and do things in different ways. When working with children to address problems involved with daily living activities, it is important to identify and recognise the particular areas of interest to the child. Occupational therapists use a range of assessments to help identify these areas. Once identified, the areas can be worked on together, with the child and the family.

What if children rely on others for daily living tasks?

In this situation, the occupational therapist will work with families and carers to help them find the safest and easiest ways to care for their child.

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Services that may assist with daily routines and self-care

Early childhood intervention

Occupational therapy

Speech pathology


In-home support